May 27, 2022


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The British in the footsteps of their uncle who took part in Operation Loyton

Surrounded by Sarah Brunier, who warmly welcomed a family, we were revived by two brothers, David and Jose Watley-Smith, who came from England with their sons, Charlie and Johnny, nephews. Grandson-people of Anthony Watley-Smith. His name is engraved on the monument to the late Pierre Percy and Major Denis Reynolds, a family who followed in the footsteps of Mama, Broadroper and Captain.

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Anthony Watley-Smith (misspellings mentioned in the monument), one of the SAS (Special Air Service) paratroopers who landed in Vane, probably at 1Er Sept. 1 44, when Operation Layton The biggest action taken by 2And Visit to the SAS, plains and valleys of Raboto in France.

At the Pierre Percée War Memorial, in the presence of Mayor Denis Guyon, the nephews wore a poppy flower garland. The group then joined the Kister couple at the Aux Dux Locks, the guest house of Dr. Camin de la Vierge. The nephews wanted to see the house – but it had several owners and had been renovated since 1944, it was the home of the Le Roland couple, a nurse in Paris. She was caring for Anthony Wadley-Smith and the wounded fellow soldier. As the Germans occupied the house, the Le Roland couple instructed the two English soldiers to hide in a cave in the Ordmond Massif area, overlooking the village. Very complicated situation for two months!

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We are looking for this cave

Following the marked path, Sarah Brunier, Richard and Joel Kister led the English, climbed the Orthodox and found a rocky bench… finally finding the cave. A shared delight!

Anthony Watley-Smith was captured in the hamlet of La Druche while attempting to cross an enemy fort to join the Americans. He was first taken to the Alarmond fire pump room, sent to the Shirmek camp, and then to Germany on November 24, 1944, shot in Kokenov.

Base camp near Moussey

If Anthony Whatly-Smith does not join Mouse He wanted to pray in front of his four nephews “English” graves And many more monuments … They did not forget the sacrifices of the fighters who came from all over the channel to free Vosze from the Nazi yoke.