June 29, 2022


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“The defeat of the State de France had nothing to do with the English fans, but much with the youth of the cities.”

Maintenance – Contrary to official claims, sports journalist Daniel Riolo explains that the abuses on the sidelines of the Champions League final were not caused by English fans. According to him, these events reveal the global security problem in France.

Daniel Riolo is a journalist and columnist at RMC and BFMTV. He published Scum Football Club (2013), Autopsy of the French game (2018), The Dussell Puzzle (2018) With Polo Breitner, and Dear French football (2020)

LE FIGARO. – This Saturday evening, May 28th, Gerald Dorman made “thousands of British” supporters enter the State de France without tickets or with fake tickets, causing chaos in the Champions League final. What do these words inspire you to do?

Daniel Riolo. – It didn’t take long to realize everything was said Minister After the game was completely wrong. The problem is, it continues: This morning on RTL, The Minister of Sports He talked about “creating the truth” with counterfeit notes, which he said were 30,000 to 40,000 copies, which again was completely false. I would love to know which machine created so many Fake ticketsI could not believe this; Unless it is proven beyond what it tells me, I will not believe it. So between point A Darmanin and point B Oudéa-Castéra, we measure the moment Total failurel At the organizational level and, above all, in the analysis of what happened. Between the two, there is evidence: we can clearly see that the organization has failed in many aspects, due to the poorly trained, unskilled maids who were there, the speakers, the pictures, and were hired a week before the meeting. Through Facebook; Not even League Level 2 for maids! They were young men from the plantations, and they were friends with the attackers. That was nonsense. I do not believe the story of counterfeit notes: after the first counterfeit note the turnstiles were blocked and they did not restart, causing terrible traffic congestion. The few hundred rupee notes sold by the young men of the estate to the English must have been rare.

Those accustomed to frequenting stadiums, especially English journalists, say they have not seen it in 20 or 30 years: it was a monumental failure.

Daniel Riolo

What actually happened was a story similar to the Stagecoach attack on the Indians: about 300 or 400 “locals” they were affectionately called. Parisian This morning, when it was mainly a matter of time Bands of cities. At least 1000 thieves, robbers, robbers, those who attacked families, threw people to the ground, took everything from them, left people out and could not attend the match. There were plenty of people who had genuine tickets and could not get inside. We were informed that they did not arrive on time. But these are all lies. The English supporters If they had been there two or three hours before, they would have behaved remarkably; There is no misunderstanding between the supporters. The Spaniards were less likely to be attacked because they were on the opposite side but they were not better treated and little by little the evidence would come. Especially those accustomed to frequenting the grounds English journalistsThey say they haven’t seen this in 20 or 30 years: it’s a monumental failure.

However the police headquarters has issued a press release in which it says it has done its job.

The people were completely paralyzed: as the maids were inactive, the police came there and threw tear gas canisters in all directions and tried to kick lightly on the pile. They tried very hard to control, but they could not control anything: they did not fit. What you need to ask yourself is whether local and regional intelligence has worked to indicate that gangs may be coming. Can that be predicted? Usually it was intelligence work, but it was done badly.

Reaction of Prefect Lawment Sad: He concludes his statement by explaining that there were no casualties and no injuries. It would be great if the goal of organizing such an event was to have no casualties. We are good for the Olympics! Everything is in place, everything is fine. For the Olympics, insecurity may continue in the Champ-de-Mars surrounding the Eiffel Tower. There will be insecurity everywhere and the door will be open: large crowds will come from all over and attack people and tourists. On Saturday, the mob learned that more than 50,000 tourists were vulnerable to attack, robbery and theft. This can happen again without any problems.

We also did not expect there to be so many attacks and attackers. Nothing was expected, nothing was done properly.

Daniel Riolo

Is it the flow management problem of the police, lack of anticipation or both?

A little in both: runs are not restricted, but at the same time we know there will be more supporters than tickets because the English supporters want to go that way. It was easy to expect, since we knew that ticketless supporters would come to the party, it was obvious, but not obviously from the ministry and officials. We also did not expect there to be so many attacks and attackers. Nothing was expected, nothing was done properly. We can try to type UEFA, I like to type UEFA, Which is convenient. Aside from the fact that he handed over the company to the FFF, the FFF has not had any reaction since Saturday evening, when the FFF was in charge of that organization: Are we measuring the force of gravity? Where’s Noel Le Grette and Florence Hardoi from Saturday evening?

How to explain this silence of the French Football Association?

The federation is no longer operating, it is completely on the street: Noel Le Great Completely cooked, he speaks for himself, and Florence Hardoi was overcooked. Everything that has happened in the theaters this year shows it, even if it is not directly related to it, because here we are talking about public crime, assault, insecurity, which is another issue. On Saturday evening, we entered into the problems of French society. If we look back at football, security in stadiums, etc., we see that league meetings took place throughout the year, not even Vincent LaBroune (LFP chairman, editor-in-chief). Mind blowing things happened, look at what happened in Saint-Etienne last night.

You also point out the problem of maids. What is the problem: they are not trained enough, not in sufficient numbers, can we find anything?

Since no one wants to do this job anymore, we know there is a problem with maids in France. So we rarely keep the trained ones and pay with a slingshot, they sink completely. The maids on Saturday night were hurriedly recruited a week ago because France had regained the final last time after their return to St. Petersburg. So we recruited on Facebook and you have to look at the pictures: the maids are not trying to stop everything coming in, there is no restriction, they are just letting their friends pass … C is grotesque.

Is this an inherent problem in football or is it broader than that? Didn’t the events of Saturday reveal many of the tragedies of the community?

Football attracts more people and more problems, that’s true. This week, there was the Indochina concert, and we didn’t see those bands causing trouble. Did they know Indhosine was happening or did they tell themselves there were still better things to do that night? Were you targeted because it was football and you wanted to get home that way? I do not know, but it’s a social problem, a security problem, it’s beyond football. Football is an event that attracts and focuses on issues, it certainly is, but what happened on Saturday with the people of the surrounding estate was a big problem.

We cannot say that this is a security issue because we are always afraid that it will be taken over by the far right.

Daniel Riolo

Two weeks ago, Theory Henry, On an English television, pointed out that the final was not in Paris, but in Saint-Denis, and that it was nothing. Behind the controversy, we, as usual, fell victim to Franco-French reactions and racist accusations. The situation has been the same since Saturday evening: we can not say this is a security problem because we are always afraid that it will be captured by the far right. On the one hand, we fall into the trap of the extreme right-wingers who, on the other hand, immediately recover by saying that it was the police who slipped in and those who shed tears, and on the other hand, that it is. Garbage from gardens that sowed trouble. It is not easy to say that this is a security problem due to thugs and public crimes. How do we deal with such a situation? We set up security, arrest people and prevent abuses. But in France we can not say all this: we must immediately confront the opposition between the far right and the far left, which vampires all public debate.

Saturday night’s debacle reveals deep problems: we no longer have staff in restaurants or anything for security. It seems to me that France is sometimes in the process of Third Globalization for everything as an organization, services, staff. We have no one left to do this work, and we face difficulties like this, and people take advantage of this and rush in violation and traffic, attacking and robbing people.

What lessons should be learned from this event?

If we have the way, in an event like this, we need to put extra police in place and, above all, arrest the culprits. We may need more information to consider upstream that there may be bands attacking everyone around the State de France. So the solution, the police, the security and the end of the recession, include joy, angel. These are the oldest problems in France around security: because as soon as we say “security”, “police” we immediately talk about racism and fascism.

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