June 26, 2022


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The English did not forget the sin

“This is my first time at Paul” smiles Bradley Hitch, foam at hand. The 23-year-old mechanic from Nottingham is in the luggage of the IN Racing team. He roared the 1960s Cooper T53 during a morning free workout at the HGPCA F1 set.

“We were in Monaco last weekend. But I like the Pow circuit, Bradley Hitch assures. It’s tight and tough. The pilots are scared when they get here.

“We have to drive very accurately,” says Rod Jolly, a 75-year-old British driver. He prefers puppetry to Monaco, more “bullshit” to his taste. Understand: he does not like jet-sets. “Anyway, I’m retired and I can no longer pay for a ticket to Monaco,” the pilot says.

A trip to Juran Khan

“It may be a little tight, ‘says William Nuthal, director and director of IN Racing, about the Pav circuit. Monaco is different because it’s not the streets yet, it’s still here. .And Century.

“The city is fantastic, its bars and its food, William Nuthal considers. On Wednesday, I went on a bike ride to Juran Khan.” But it was a little hot to soak my lips in the labeled drink.

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