June 26, 2022


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The French Academy wants to edit the players

In France, we use very French words (for example) to say “a mouse on a computer with a lot of software”. In other non-English speaking countries, by contrast, the relevant English words are used without translation: “Mouse “, “Computer”Software “. But the video game industry in France has its “E-game “Stream “ And others “Free to play” Conversations of those dot coaches.

To remedy this, the Commission for the Enrichment of the French Language, in which the Ministry of Culture participates. On May 29, the list of regulations was passed Public officials should no longer use it to avoid any Englishism, Reports Radio Canada. “This guide has been published Official Magazine In France, it is part of the French Academy’s effort to control the degeneration of the Moliere language in many fields. These models (those who do not include any linguists among them) are really involved: they have checked all the proposals on the list.

An “old war”

The attempt did not succeed Unnoticed On the edge, As paradoxically deserving “The latest fight in the centuries-old war of the Academy for the Preservation of the Purity of the French Language, especially from English toxins”. To give some very notable examples like the word “”E-game “ “Competitive Video Game”, or Stream By “Live Player-Host”. As Many foreign mediaEchoes the U.S. site expertise in technology sentAgencies France-Press (AFP), Who questioned the Ministry on the purpose of this list. The use of English words in the eyes of the authorities, “A barrier to dissemination and understanding [de cet univers] By untrained “.

They are intended to ensure that public service agents and officials are solely responsible for the text. And they say more “Experts are trying to see if there is already a French word in circulation on video game sites or specialty magazines. [afin de] Select the translation you are already using.

The effects are unlikely to occur

However, many critics are skeptical. Der Spiegel Is part of : “The alternatives proposed by the Commission are not likely to be imposed on companies or on a large scale”, Leads the German press.

“Firstly, by 2022, terms like ‘streamer’ have been used in France for a long time, and secondly, players, internally, are dealing with players from many countries online, so English is the regular language on many game servers.

The foreign media, delighted by this French craze, did not comment on the quality of the translations provided. If some seem reasonable (“professional player” “Pro player”, “Free Access Video Game” For “Free to play”), The extent of misinterpretation by others. By translating, for example, “Stream “ By “live player-host”, the original word refers to the mode of broadcast – “stream”Stream “ – More than content. A streamer does not need to paint, sing and play himself.

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Same with “Competitive Video Game”: Except for the fact that it makes a comparison Traditional game (Which serves as the legal argument for this field), this expression alters the logic of its use. Any sport can, in fact, be the subject of an official or informal competitive practice. L ‘”E-game “ Hence the term “video game competition”.

Since translation is always a favorite subject, Radio Canada Reminds me that Quebec Francophones want more than any other option “InstaVideographer ” For Stream. As for the soft “E-Sport”Office québécois de la langue française (OQLF) has been recommending since 2012, “Electronic Games”.