May 21, 2022


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The incredible English raid of Operation Chariot 80 years ago

The chariot was secretly made for this purpose, destroying the lock gate of the current Jubert shape and preventing the German army from using it for the Tirptiz warship. 80 years later, Saint-Nazir commemorates those who lost their lives, were injured, or were taken prisoner.

The purpose was to prevent the German army from using the “Dock Normandie” who became Joubert to accommodate its largest warship, the Tirptiz.

On March 28, 1942, more than 600 years ago, more than 600 English commandos attacked the gate of the lock form. Succeed in destroying it. The price these men pay is high. 169 of them died, 232 were wounded or taken prisoner.

Saint-Nazir recalled the act of this brave war. The Celtic Festival takes place on Vieux Môle from 10am. This has been the case for 10 years. It is attended by various associations in memory of commando soldiers, Nazarene citizens killed in Scottish, Irish, Welsh and revenge operations. At the end of the minute of silence the bouquet is thrown to illuminate the faade’s eyes.

The so-called Republican Festival begins at 11 a.m. in the district of Petit Morocco. A stone stands erect in memory of the British commando who achieved the impossible on the night of March 27-28, 1942. Drive the old destroyer Campbelltown, disguise yourself as a German ship, and lock the gate until it is loaded with ammunition.

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A memorial trail was opened in the district of Petit Morocco, through which, beyond this 80th anniversary, the public enjoys the history of the place.