May 18, 2022


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The leader of the LAPSUS $ hacker group is believed to be an English teenager

You have no doubt heard about the LAPSUS $ hacker group for almost two years, with many accomplishments such as stealing data from leading technology companies. Then Nvidia some time ago, Even Microsoft seems to have fallen victim to this group a few hours ago. Following this last flight, the crew announced that they were “going on vacation” …

This last report may have something to do with the authorities’ research. The mesh of the web may seem to tighten thus. Four researchers working on the LAPSUS $ hacking team on behalf of some of the targeted companies said they believe they have identified the group’s brains. The latter would be a young man living a few kilometers from Oxford. It seems that the motives of the group and its leader are money and notoriety earned by their hunting team.

According to Bloomberg, The investigators’ investigation seems to be accurate enough to identify the teenager and recognize his role within the hacking group. Cyber-researchers have used forensic evidence and publicly available information on hacks to verify identity and locate the head of Lapsus $.

However, officially these elements do not allow the police to charge the teenager (he is by definition the minor in the legal sense of the word). Nevertheless, hacker groups competing for Lapsus $ quickly released the boy’s personal details, including his address and information about his parents.

A Bloomberg reporter was able to chat for about 10 minutes with the boy’s mother through the family home intercom. However, the authorities are very smart, so it is not impossible that the “vacations” announced by Lapsus $ are not really voluntary.

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