June 26, 2022


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The long-awaited Sub Mini Sonos appears at FCC

The long-awaited Sub Mini Sonos appears at FCC

even before that Latest Speakers Hitting store shelves, Sonos is getting close to releasing a file next one A product – an eagerly anticipated product. As noted before Redditors And the Protocol Yanko RutgersThe upcoming Sonos Sub Mini subwoofer has Passed through the FCC.

The recording leaves no doubt about the product we’re looking at: The Sub Mini was tested in a setup that included a “main device” other than the Sonos Beam. The schematic diagram showing the location of the FCC compliance label confirms the cylindrical design that Sonos noted earlier.

The FCC files confirm the cylindrical shape of the Sub Mini.
Photo: FCC

Last month , the edge open 3D rendering preview of the overall design of the Sub Mini. Although some small hardware details may differ in the final product, it’s an accurate depiction of what the Sub Mini will look like.

The big question on the minds of many Sonos fans is how much the company’s entry-level subwoofer will cost. With the regular Stratospheric Sub priced at $749, Sonos has plenty of room to play with. $599? $499? I’d bet somewhere in that area, but hopefully it won’t be long before we find out the full story – and learn the differences between the Sub Mini and its bigger, more squared-back brother.

There may not be much waiting left. The Sonos Room It was spotted by the FCC About a month ago announced by the company. Sonos Ray took a little longer; His FCC file was revealed in March Before New speakers leaked and then Officially unveiled in May.

Just yesterday, Sonos launched its own software Voice control service to the company’s lineup of smart speakers including the Sonos Roam, Move, Arc, Beam and One.

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