May 18, 2022


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The new ID card states in English: The French academy intends to take legal action

The French language guarantee agency has appealed to the Prime Minister and threatened to seize the State Council if the bilingual notes are not removed.

A struggle that has been at the forefront of the French Academy since the new French identity card went into effect on August 2nd.

Reason: The Notes in English Indicated with contents in French.

The bilingual translation did not really pass with the academics who decided to act, as reported Figaro.

“The language of the Republic is French”

For them, it is Bilingual model It is against the nature of the Constitution to dictate that “the language of the Republic is French”.

Its Permanent Secretary, Hélène Carrère d’Encausse explained, “For a long time, the Academy has been listening to announcements and press releases. Today, All words are valid. Another type of intervention was required.

He adds that the translation of each note “undermines an essential principle.”

A mandatory law firm

To accomplish this Deletion of English words On the French identity card, the academy appointed a law firm.

The latter sent one Asks Prime Minister Jean Costex And so he Cancels “Arrangement to create a new national identity card.”

Since the request is still a dead letter, the law firm intends to take the next step Capture the State Council.

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