May 19, 2022


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The three zodiac signs with approximate weekly horoscopes, May 2-8, 2022

May inspires fresh new ideas, as well as hope for a beautiful new season. And while things may not always go the way we would like them to, Mai seems to be able to take our problems and make them seem bearable. There is just something about this month that makes us feel as if we are not going to let you down. It also means that we’re having some tough times here or there, and we’re going to put up with it, and we’ll get through it.

This week brings such a trial for some. While we do have a few opposing crossovers that may cause discomfort now and then, what happens to us during this first week of May is going to be something we’ll deal with right away.

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With the conjunction of the Moon Uranus on the 1st and the Sun’s conjunction of Uranus on the 5th, we’re looking at a week full of emotional landmines; If we take the wrong step, kablooey gets angry.

And since there are so many Venus transits affecting just about everything this week, we can probably assume that the crazy Uranus-influenced moments that will have to do with love.

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