May 18, 2022


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Theater and English at Jules Wallace

Pui-n-work. Theater and English for Jules Wallace. After two years of absence, due to Covid, the Pickles Company team is back at College Jules Walls, a dynamic and fun piece on “Hot Spot”. Twelve 5th graders took advantage of this opportunity: to play in English with professional actors. After preparing the class with the English teachers and all their classmates, the Twelve Volunteers met with the group on Friday, March 18, the day of the pre-show for all 5th graders.

This year, Aidan, Ecco and Zoe, kindly guided the young budding cast of Toronto (Canada), Manchester (United Kingdom) and Tasmania (Australia), respectively, to conduct various rehearsals and exercises, of course, from A to Z in English. The screen opens and the meeting with “Sput”, a friendly and loving alien!

It was a rich and memorable experience for each of the participants and for the fully successful public.

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