May 18, 2022


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These bitter clichs of the English as far as the French are concerned

“Sorry my French”, “French bath”… these English formulas do not value us! Do you know their meaning?

We know that the English borrow a large number of words from us. “Appointment”, “Megalomania”, “I do not know”, “Expertise”… They like these formulas “So French”. But what we know less is that they also have their expressions to make fun of us. They bear witness to our mistakes and our mistakes, sometimes with bitterness! They are mostly funny. Le Picaro This language gives you a collection of clichs that refer to the language of our neighbors. French beating Promised.

Love and sound French ticket

We have a reputation throughout the channel for being the best romantics. Witness our nicknames Explicit lover Or phrase French kiss, Is popular all over the world. But there is nothing wrong with that. The English thus take pleasure in paradoxically calling it syphilis French disease, Pointed out by Cambridge Dictionary. The disease spreads during close intercourse, and this nickname suddenly drops us off the pedestal … formula to take French lessons Is in the same registry because it is metaphorical: “To get a sexually transmitted disease”. Note, however, that according to the English vocabulary, the French speak and retaliate. “English disease”! Eye to eye, tooth to tooth …

In the same way, do you know why Americans use this word? The French are safe? It refers to a condom and material “French is safe”. Metaphors abound, and they say a lot about what we think of our things: English writing (“French letter”), French hat(Really “Hood, French Bonnet”) Where French ticket (“French ticket”). Shock!

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The French trash

It is said beyond our bounds that we are particularly unclean. Thus, when an English speaker utters a barrage of insults, he mentions: “Sorry my French”. This is a signal, a red code to warn of what is coming. This formula, not complimenting us, is a careful means for them to alleviate the surprise of his narrator. In the same vein, our neighbors say Speak FrenchIt: “Slander”

The smell of our nausea

To our astonishment, we are internationally known for our pollution. Damn! Ask what the foreigners think of the French. Thus, when a person has a little too much perfume, they use formula French bath (“French bath”). Why such a nickname? Because we hide our nausea odor under a liter toilet. Disgusting!

French tart A “Trivial Girl”, A French pigeon To describe a bad job … Anglo-Americans do not go there with gloves. Do not forget the sentence French article, Is pronounced in our language, which means to be abducted. We are dressed for winter. Oh God!