August 12, 2022


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These Englishmen want to steal the World Cup in Bétanque

Pale faced and calf still white, the English arrived yesterday and were remarkable thanks to their jerseys in the colors of the London Petanque Club. ” In England, as it is not the case in France, there is very little affection for pétanque but we are very passionate about the sport. We play three or four times a week and have tournaments in the summer. According to statistics, there are more than 30 000 Players in the UK but licensed are about 2 500 “Bobby explains, with Nick and Simon, the head of the biggest club in London, with 120 licensees and 20 nationalities.

Yesterday, the three Englishmen won their first game, but fell in the second (13-11) at Parc Chanot after two hours of fierce fighting. ” The atmosphere is very pleasant and very friendly. The last time we came, we made a lot of French friends, from Saint-Etienne, from Nice, everywhere. And it’s very pleasant to play everywhere in the city of Marseille. It is a unique competition “Praises Bobby.

For his part, Nick has worked to set up a tournament like the Mondial La Marseillaise à pétanque in London: ” We are trying to bring him to England. Before covid we had “ London Championship » with 10 000 pounds were rewarded with top players from France, Madagascar, Algeria for example…Dylan Rocher and Stephane Robinho for example. We try to have television and magazines but it is difficult in England. We hope to start again next year and maybe one day be as big as LA Marseilles “.

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