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These words are borrowed daily from us by the English

The history of these words dates back to the 11th century. Le Figaro immerses you in this fascinating story.

We have a date with your fianc.Need vinigret for your hobby? Enjoy your lunch!»… There are phrases in English with a very French flavor. Many French words have slipped into the British dictionary. “Dressmaker“,”La Garde“,”fiancee“,”Optical illusion“… we see the lexical field of food with words”La Garde“,”Prioch“,”Cream Brooley“, Without forgetting the popular”Crocents“The vocabulary of civilization has not been abandoned.”Hair bread“Where”Low cut“The same as dissolving:. “Fine art”, “masterpiece” And d ‘“Avant-garde”.

But that’s not all. “These words refer to only a small fraction of English words borrowed from French“, Note Anthony LagoutreLinguist and teacher Incredible history of French words in English (Wallworth Publishing, 2015).

“Of the 60,000 English words, we can say that more than 60% are.[…] Find their roots in French or LatinThe linguist, for his part, analyzes Jean BrewstAuthor The story of the French language (Dalandier, 2020). But where do they come from?

Legacy of William the Conqueror

For centuries, France and the United Kingdom passed the buck. Who was the first invader? Who first declared war? Who is affected by it? If you find many English words in Moliere’s language, do not leave out English. And the legacy predates the 11th century. To understand this, you have to go back to 1066, that is, the Lord of Normandy, also known as William the Bastard, became King of England after the Battle of Hastings. From the height of his horse, he adorned himself by name, and is now remembered in the history books.William is the winner“.

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The conquest of a country was associated with the exchange of a culture and a language. “For three centuries, this dictionary of French descent has been coloring the English language», Jean Pruvost continuesFor Le Picaro.

We can actually talk about a linguistic invasion, Anthony LaCouudrey insists. No living language has ever promoted another language so much.»10,000 New French Words Score TheOld EnglishஆகMiddle English“. Therefore, in the 11th century, everyday words like” “Cardinal“,”Picture“,”Miracle“,”Fruit“… other words are derived directly from the French and pronounced with a Norman accent (one spoken by William the Conqueror throughout the Court),”War“Says”There were“Thus giving”War»(War in English) orCover“Pronounced”Pocket“Is”Pocket“In English.

“William the Conqueror imposes French as the language of the court and the elite. Anthony Lacoudre adds. French became the written language, and all official documents and invoices were written in French, which lasted until the end of the Middle Ages, up to Richard III. An influence that lasted until the 17th century, French was pushed by the influence of the Renaissance, which is considered the universal language of elegance and culture. This is why French words surrounding Savior-Vivre, fashion and gastronomy have infiltrated the English dictionary. Linguist Anthony Lagoodre is a great introduction to the estimated 12,000 French words. “This is the second Salvo, He continues. Thus words like “sweet”, “mustache”, “alphabetical”, “turbulent”, “fragile”, “grenade”, “bomb” are imported.What do we owe them? “To the dignity of the French language of the day!

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However, the next century marked a turning point. After the famous Revolution of 1688, the United Kingdom elected a constitutional monarchy that enlightenment philosophers should passionately borrow from the British language. The words are like this “Clubs“,”Budget“,”MeetingWhich in turn crosses the canal and leads to the continent. Industrial revolutions are following themRailway“,”Agreement“,”Stabilize“However, Anthony Lagoutre qualified: “The trend is reversed, but it should be noted that many of the words imported from English are derived from French.“For example, this is”Budget“, Comes from”Flutter“, A purse carried on the side of a horse and”Was movingTo the rhythm of the gallant.

In the 20th century, American power imposed itself and “American way of lifeTurning his head. English words continue to flow in the French vocabulary. The “Rock ‘n’ roll“, தி”Dance“,”Chewing gumEnter them before paving the way for the words of new technologies. To mention just a few:Email“,”Spam“,”Laptop“Then it’s time Start-up Nation The French play their part in overcoming the Atlantic “conf call“,”Open space“And”Brainwashing“. A Francois who does not cause serious problems … Shock!