June 26, 2022


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Two English Heavyweights dream about the crazy price Osimhan asked by de Laurentis

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He is not the striker to attract attention at this time, however, the turmoil is felt in Italy. Victor Osimhen is about to end his season, and with Napoli, this is the best 3rd place to stop in a year. Shield The target was set. Unfortunately, Luciano Spaleti’s squad did not last long, unlike the two Milan clubs, but Ozimhen confirmed in his area.

In fact, with 14 goals and 5 assists in 26 Serie A games, the balance sheet is better than 2020-2021. So the Nigerian international still has it under his belt, and although he recently announced that he would like to stay in Napoli to continue playing under Spaleti, he may be interested in some concessions. But these did not seem to taste good to its leader, Aurélio De Laurentiis. According to Gazette Dello Sport This morning, His information was published by Guillaume Maillard-Pacini, Osimhen is priced at 100 million euros! What is the intensity of the two English clubs? Probably. Manchester United and Arsenal can be encouraging.


De Laurentis is regular in these up-and-coming revised negotiations. Recruiting Victor Osimhen, known for being tough on business, will not be easy for those interested this summer. Nigeria is currently valued at € 60m according to Transfermarkt.

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