August 12, 2022


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U20 Summer Series: Janev, M’Foudy (ASM Killermont) and Les Blues defeated by the British

Les Bleuets failed to follow. England (20-29) defeated the French Under-20 rugby team (20-29) in Verona on Wednesday, during the first day of the U20 summer series against Ireland last Friday (42-21).

In a chaotic encounter (4 yellow cards, 1 red card), the English got off to a great start with two attempts in five minutes (0-12, 25th) following their defeat against South Africa in the first day’s play.

Bleuets de Tixeront and Jauneau (ASM)’s spectacular revenge against Ireland in U20 Summer Series

After a half-hour game, Montgiller’s record allowed Janev, M’Foudy (two Klermontoys openers on the kick-off) and Les Bluetz, who were just two points behind the English at the break (10-12).

Everything will be decided against South Africa

But as soon as they returned from the locker room, the young British broke up again (10-19, 45th). Les Bleuets, Boudou and de Tixeront recorded the entry of two Assamese into the game, and he did not resign. Thanks to a penalty try, they returned to the opponent’s heel (20-22, 68th).

The suspense was total. But the last word fell to the English. Despite being reduced to 12 against 14, they took the point home with Walsh’s final effort.

Despite this non-ponified loss, one can only hope that the Les Bleuets will still qualify for the finals of the U20 Summer Series. It will have to beat South Africa on the last day.


Verona (Pioneer Center). England beat France 20-29 (final time: 10-12). Referee: Mr. Devatse (Georgia).

Points. To France: Montcillard’s two attempts (34th), penalty (68th); Two penalties (30th and 51st) and one conversion (35th) from Aria.

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For England: four attempts by Richards (20, 25), Oresanya (45) and Walsh (72); A penalty from Smith (54th); Three changes from Smith (21st, 46th) and Walsh (73rd).

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Yellow cards. For France: Mogoro (17th), Paudo (68th). For England: Hendy (64th), Carr-Smith (67th).

Red card. England: Turner (71st).

France. Auriac (Barré, 52) – Massé, Gailleton (cap), Depoortere (Jospeh, 56), Bielle-BIarrey – (o) Garcia (Montgaillard, 74) (Boudou, 79), (m) Jauneau (Tarel, 55) – Ntamack (Pacheco, 23-28) (Tixeront, 56), Coulon (Baudonne, 40), Banos – Portat (Liufau, 48), M’Foudi (Della Schiava, 52) – Bellemand (Da Cunha, 40), Montgaillard ( Boudou, 50), Moukoro (Pacheco, 52)

England. Hendy; Stephens, Grayson (Litchfield, 70th), Masi-White, Oresanya (Walsh, 54th); (O) Smith (Harris, 55th), (m) Bracken (Carr-Smith, 54th); Knight (Lockett, 63rd), Illion (Cape) (Staten, 50th), Cunningham-South (Brook, 60th); Sesame (rice, 63rd), Richards; Warren (Summerfield, 44th), Fletcher (Stuart, 54th), Onasanya (Turner, 44th)