May 27, 2022


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UFC fighter Jorge Masvidal booked in jail after Dust-Up with Colby Covington - CBS Miami

UFC fighter Jorge Masvidal booked in jail after Dust-Up with Colby Covington – CBS Miami

SOUTH BEACH (CBS Miami) — Jorge Masvidal has been booked into prison after dusting off with fellow UFC fighter Colby Covington.

It all started when Masvidal posted a video on Twitter, saying, “We call this show Your Face Challenge.”

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Next, the UFC star went on to challenge his arch rival, the interim UFC welterweight champ, Covington, who he didn’t see coming.

Miami Beach police say Masvidal bumped into his former best friend and coaching partner outside of SOBE’s upscale Papi Steak restaurant.

Masvidal, on top of the recent loss to Covington, was unhappy Covington spoke about his children in the lead-up to the UFC fight just over two weeks ago.

Masvidal’s video tweet continued, “You’re talking about it [expletive] You gotta support it, that’s how my town rolls over, man! “

The Native 305’er Masvidal was also launched by Covington who called himself “The King of Miami”, although not from here.

Watch: TMZ Sports’ video of Masvidal’s return from Covington after an alleged fight

Covington was based on Marcy’s Law, which has not been formally identified, yet can be seen and heard on video obtained by TMZ.

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“He’s swaying here trying to come to me,” Covington said.

A report on the Miami Beach incident revealed, “Mr. Masvidal ran to him from his left and, without warning, punched him with a closed fist twice in the face.”

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Covington was later heard asking someone how Masvidal knew he was at the fancy steakhouse in the first place.

“How does he know I’m here?” A friend replied, “You’re all over the internet.”

After the incident, a member of Masvidal’s management team tweeted, “You must be from Dade County to understand this.”

CBS4 News reached out to both camps of the fighters, and neither of them wanted to speak up.

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Masvidal has been charged with aggravated battery causing significant bodily harm and criminal mischief.