June 28, 2022


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University: Why English Certificate Requirement Is Troublesome?

University students – whether they are licensed 3, DUT or professional licensed – must send the certificate in English.

Many university teachers complain about this English test being imposed on students. The MCE TV editorial tells you everything from A to Z!

Why do university teachers not like this exam?

First, you need to know that the English exam at the university starts out widely. If you had to pick up some students last year, They now number over 400,000. OK!

This has caused dissatisfaction among teachers. France Inter So I wondered why this certification is causing so much controversy. Our colleagues have decided to investigate.

“For DUTs and training directly leading to the professional world, such as obtaining professional licenses, working languages ​​and certification, This is a plus for employers. ⁇Franசois Germinet of French Universities shouted at the matter.

“For general license students pursuing a master’s degree, we may ask the question of interest in this certificate, in particularIt will be re-applied for the postgraduate degree. ⁇Then he adds.

However, the main problem is cost. To set this English exam, the university (whatever it is) has to go through a private system. Depending on what she chooses, She can pay from 49 to 230 euros Per student. Oops!

Now you wonder if the government is helping to pay for the test. OK yes. But He pays back only 30 euros. For teachers, this is not enough. “We expect 40-50 euros.”The speaker explains France Inter. The MCE TV editorial tells you more.

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Welcome to English!

Cost is not the only issue. In fact, students do not There is no compulsion to pass the English exam. They just have to pass. Now the question arises: is the certificate really useful?

According to Mr. Germinet, this is a double-edged sword. A young man may not fail his English exam Do not get caught up in your dream job For this reason. The imbalances will increase again and again.

As for other language teachers, they do not want to admit that English is given more importance Than Spanish, German and others.

“This obligation to pass the external examination for obtaining a diploma calls into question the language policies of many universities where English is not compulsory, and in some cases the language can be chosen in as many as 20 languages.” Thus the Higher Education Teachers Association, wrote in a press release. For SNESUP-FSU, the government seeks to enrich private companies with public funds. Not a lot not less.

As you can understand, this test speaks a lot. However, if you want to learn English, you can always Take the lesson to a private teacher. We offer you on our site Our advice on choosing the right one. Yes, finding the right one is not always easy.

Otherwise, You know that travel helps a lot. A long time ago, we realized that too Top 5 cities in Europe Learning the language there is easy. Look over there!

However, There are cheaper solutions. Try Watch the series on VO. Friends, Lock & Key, Downtown Abbey, Peeky BlindersYour ideas will never run out, that’s for sure!

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