June 29, 2022


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Video. State Toulouse completes his English under hypnosis

Under hypnosis the hypnosis state has partnered with Toulouse to allow players to learn foreign languages.

After training in the hot sun for an hour and a half, State Toulouse rugby player Thomas Ramos showed us his new skills in English. “I was able to tell the referee that he ‘touched the ball’ last in the match,” he jokes. Although his English is not yet at the forefront of perfection, the player has made it a matter of honor to communicate with his teammates. “For me, it’s important to understand yourself and, above all, to make your sentences better,” says Thomas.

An application was received by the players

State Toulouse decided to start a collaboration with Hypnoltage for these compelling needs of its foreign players’ engagement and coordination. It will soon be a year for professional athletes, training center and all Stade Toulousain staff to receive foreign language training under hypnosis. The principle is simple, you just need to link to the Hypnolege website and do the sessions at home. “Whether I’m lying on the couch or I’m sitting in a chair, it’s very comfortable for me. It’s the first step to focusing on keeping yourself in your bubble. It’s very far from academic learning,” explains Thomas Ramos. Does exercises to write down what he has learned. “Clearly, this state of hypnosis, I did not believe it at first.

The player admits it: in the European Cup, he has not much choice, how to speak English is essential. Twenty professional athletes and training centers also use hypnosis. The aim is to improve their English, which they have often forgotten since their high school years.