August 9, 2022


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Video. This lively English star like Jason Robinson is being watched by 3 big countries … and Cyprus!

Then suddenly lightning struck Mayol. At the end of a rainy afternoon on the road, Henry Arundel made a tremendous start in the 74th minute after sowing 5 defenders in the 100m. Doolon (19 to 18) in his European quarter. WHO? Henry Arundel We tell you! His surname will not provoke you to anything, you just have to get used to it. Because, at 19, Arundel has definitely made a name for himself against RCT since last Sunday. But, trust us London Irish Not on his first attempt.

Video. Did you see that? Is this a renaissance of the English Kapuso space against Doolon?

It is very simple, in all competitions 12 professional appearances and 5 short tenures, the child has already sown 7 Tests. They were mostly preparatory articles. 6 months after it was introduced, to make this event last a little longer England, “Hype” is the same around Nelson pée in France. As the lead commentator of, I have to say, “There’s something special about this boy.” Premiership 2 weeks ago. There, he was 25 points behind his team Wasps In the 67th minute, Arundel was knocked off the stage in an attempt to bring some madness. Guess what? The International U20 will sound rebellious until it wins a draw, hitting 1 attempt for a fantastic personal achievement, dropping 1 decisive pass and crossing the 100 meters … all in 4 small balls!

And kind of acts, its highlights are already full of them! Arundel Bar Gold. That polishing is necessary, of course, but what a call! How can there not be suspense for a guy like this? These icons of a new generation of intricate, passionate, sporting motives and devoid of the smell of rugby. Because, beyond his fiery canes, supported by acceleration and already compact size (96kg per 1m82) reminiscent of a particular Jason Robinson, Arundel stands out by the touch of his madness. When he gets the ball in his line and asks if he & # 39 ;s thought he’s going to kick before he tries against Doolan, here’s his answer for War-Matt: “I saw a gap open and then I ran, you go. (…) When the ball comes to me, of course I believe it. There was a place and I went to it thinking I would see where it would take me. (…) There were guys on the halfway line, we were chasing the score, we had to hit a try … At worst, I told myself I would bring the ball up and deal with it. So I tested my luck. Fortunately, I was able to make it to the end.

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Deleted from Challenge Cup With nothing to play for the Irish team in the Premiership, there is now the question that haunts the whole of England: but who will this soldier’s son pick for internationally? Because not so long ago or not yet as far as Rees-Zammit is concerned Louis Linac Today, Arundel has qualified for many exams. XV de la Rose, of course, but Wales, Scotland or even Cyprus. And if he’s less likely to join Cypriots’ “LRZ”‘s brother, trust that Greg Downsent and Wayne Pivak are watching him from the corner of their eyes. According to the British media, earlier this week senior FA officers were ordered to ‘lock down’ before anyone laid hands on Arundel. From there until we see him on tour Australia This summer? There is – probably – only one step …


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