August 12, 2022


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Violence in Stade de France: An English fan recovers his stolen luxury watch on the eve of the Champions League final.

This English supporter received a strange phone call in the middle of the summer. At the end of the line, the Papigny prosecutor’s office (Seine-Saint-Denis) is a member of the cell set up for the investigation Robberies and assaults on the evening of the Champions League final, on May 28. Who called him for the best news: His watch, worth several thousand euros, stolen from him in the chaos surrounding the Stade de France, was found as part of an investigation by Cell.

The person who traveled in France this week was able to pick it up in Bobigny this Tuesday.

So far 240 complaints have been received

“The victim did not expect much of this, he was very happy”, welcomes Bobigny is the state attorney for Eric Matthies, which made the information public on Thursday. The watch was among the items thrown by the pickpocket when he was arrested by police on the evening of the final between Real Madrid and Liverpool. The culprit was sentenced Immediately in appearance, after two days.

But the owner of the watch could not be found.

An inquest was opened on June 10 on counts of burglary, aggravated burglary and aggravated violence into the activities surrounding the Dionysian enclosure. In total, about 240 complaints have been received on this file at this stage.

“All complaints are analyzed and processed by this twelve-member investigative unit,” the lawyer continued, noting that “this is the first time we have made a connection between one of the complaints we received.” Items we had in stock. I hope to be able to make new connections between victims and other objects. »

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But he adds that “a certain number of criminals in crimes, violence, aggravated theft, etc., are identified and tried, and the victims can form civil parties.”