May 16, 2022


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War in Ukraine: Besanசோon’s Volunteers, Charlie the English, Paul the American Big Heart, Help Without Borders

Following in the footsteps of Bessoncon baker Stephen Rawakli’s convoy, the France 3 Franch-Comte team was able to get closer to the Ukrainian border. Refugees continue to enter Poland to escape the war. On the path to freedom and security, women and men approach them.

Dark night fell. 7 p.m. We are Presmiles. This Polish city is a crossroads for refugees. They spend a few hours there, a maximum of a few days after booking.

Some sleep in gyms, while others set up temporary shelters to land before departure Towards Cities in Poland or Europe. The border is 10 km away and every ten minutes a bus drops off about fifty refugees leaving their country. They are assisted by NGOs and volunteers from around the world.

Under his little tent, Charlie Hammerton Heats hot drinks. Many of these women and children fleeing Vladimir Putin’s attack will come to comfort them in their spare time. “In the UK, I work with children who have experienced trauma. So after looking at the information I kept saying in my mind that there are children to help. I do not speak their language, they do not speak my language, but I’m sure we can do something. Charlie explains. Smiles were exchanged, one hand stretched out towards the other, a small gesture calculated in this war environment that suddenly exploded at the gates of Europe. “When we talk to children, parents and everyone around them see, mobilize, and do everything they can to help them. They already seem to be very relaxed and comfortable.” Adds Generous Charlie.

A little further on, Paul and Craig are brilliantly visualized Flag American on their coat. They unload their van. Inside, bear cubs delighting a Ukrainian baby. New tweets. Cold-resistant gloves. “We jumped on the plane to get here. I am the mayor of a small town in New Jersey, where a lot of Ukrainian young people come on vacation in the summer, and we have a good relationship with them. Then my grandmother Slovak and Poland “ Paul explains Johnson.

These American citizens go back and forth to businesses in Poland and bring goods back to this reception point on the border. “It hurts to see these kids who have no idea what’s going on and have to leave home.” Paul begins. Craig did not hesitate to cross the Atlantic to get here.

You watch TV, you have the option, either, you pay, or, bring both your hands.

Craig, American citizen

As of March 8, more than 2 million Ukrainians have fled their country. The Solidarity Convoy from Besanசோon plans to bring 100 refugees to Besanசோon by bus.

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