May 23, 2022


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What a pity he could not play in English

“Those who are stamping their feet while waiting for the third season Lupine Watch patiently and be able to deal with their problems Not far from the Ring Road”, Confirms The Wall Street Journal. Action comedy and series by Louis Letterier Inspired by the character of Arsen Lupine There are Netflix products, running Omar Sy and many more common things Smack of victory.

Uploaded May 6 Streaming, Not far from the Ring Road Continuation of the film by David Sarhon The other side of the ring road, It was a success when it was released in French theaters in 2012. We find the duo of mismatched guards composed by Omar Sai and Laurent Lafitte. After the body is found scattered between Paris and the Alps, their characters rejoin the period of the trial.

100% French Talented

To The Wall Street Journal, Is the movie “Funny” And have a good time. There is a mobility of policemen “Dissatisfied with happiness”, At the same time the increase in bitterness and activity miraculously leads to a kind of balance.

But these are mostly “Glamor”, “Excitement” And “Energy” By Omar Sai, who caught the eye of the daily critic. As he recalls, he appeared several times in Hollywood productions such as The Frenchman Transformers, Jurassic World And X-Men, But about that “Movies not inspired by dialogue”, He adds immediately.

And for good reason! Omar Sy regrets that he can only express his full potential in Moliere language The Wall Street Journal :

“He admitted in interviews that he does not know how to speak English well, which is a shame, otherwise you will see him often. [dans des productions anglophones] His presence illuminates the habit we see on the big and small screens.