May 23, 2022


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When passing Bordeaux vineyards in an English taxi, why not go by wine cart? – Explore Bordeaux vineyards in English taxi, why not in the wine cabin?

Since 2015, Antoine Future has decided to offer a unique wine tourism experience in the Bordeaux vineyards. Featuring English taxis, but …

When you cross them on the street in Bordeaux or on the curve of the Maddox plot or on the Saint-Emilian side, one can hope to have an illusion. Would the British have returned to Aquitaine to continue the Hundred Years’ War? Fortunately, this is not the case. If these London icons cross the area today, Antoine Future, after being disappointed in classic private tours with the driver, wanted to offer a new approach to tourists in the area. If you meet an English taxi in Paris, it clicks. Having worked in the field of events for 30 years he has his original idea. He is clear-headed and knows how to deliver a different and unique experience globally. So he would go and canvas everything from the most beautiful gardens, quality family property to great glorious estates with amazing heritage. According to the formulas, in its taxis passengers can carry 1 to 4 flavors for half a day or a whole day. Chateau Giscours, Château du Taillan, Château Prieure-Lichine, Château Soutard or Chateau la Gaffelière are some of the stops on offer. Each time, a little more than the classic flavor. Tasting from the barrel or samples, participating in the sorting of grapes during harvest …

Retro tricks

Currently there are 3 English carts in the wine cab. Initially, Antoine Future wanted to use a double-decker bus. Less practical! Participants observed in Bordeaux have to choose between the different rounds on the left bank and the right bank. Saint-Emilion or Médoc, the invention of organic vineyards or vineyards run by women, has something for everyone. When he does not drive his customers himself, Antoine entrusts this task to 3 drivers, 2 of whom are WSET 2, allowing him to bring a general wine diploma to the vineyard, which is characteristic of the region’s wines. Americans like it, they represent almost half the customers. Only a few try the experience from French, which of course is justified in terms of services due to the high prices (from 450 450 for 2 people). Companies are also targeted with specific offers integrated in seminars in the region. In this case, the wine cab mobilizes, with the exception of English taxis, 2CVs and VW cable. Nostalgia is in full swing and it works. And to keep a memory, a road book with photos taken by the driver on D-Day, of course Polaroid.

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