May 16, 2022


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Who is our new English lover Chris Keer of the American series?

After playing A million little thingsAvailable on Salto, Chris Keer has joined the cast for the past two seasons This is us, Aired on Canal +. But who knows the actor who will play Kate Pearson’s new husband Philip?

When This is us Coming soon, The series launched a bombshell in the final episode of its fifth season. In fact, a flash-forward revealed it Kate Pearson (Chrissy Mets) and Toby (Chris Sullivan) are divorced And that she was going to marry her music school boss, Philip. The series has surprised more than one person since both Kate and Toby promised to solve their problems after joining the work force in San Francisco. A new job leaving his wife and children three days a week. If they had promised to make some changes in their lives, their relationship would finally end in Season 6, Kate marries Philip. But who Chris KeerDoes the English actor include the latter?

Before This is us Where A million little thingsStarring Chris Keer The prince and I.

Born in Cambridge, England, Chris Keer got his start in comedy, inspired by a playwright who encouraged him to act in a production at his school. He later earned a place at the prestigious Guildford School of Acting, where he graduated in drama. The actor then began his career on the boards by playing in a play for the Royal Shakespeare Company before joining minor roles in television.. In 2007, he joined the cast Waterloo Road, A drama series aired on BBC One. But after appearing in Seasons 3 and 4, Chris Keer said he would not return to the show to focus on his film projects.. The actor appeared remarkable Taste of bloodIn both areas The prince and I. (Released live on DVD), in State threat And inside After the earth With Will and Jaden Smith.

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Pokemon: Detective Pikachu, The modern family, A million little thingsWhere did you see Chris Lettuce?

After a great career in the United Kingdom, Chris Keer played on American soil and found success You are so badThe critically acclaimed comedy film ran for five seasons before making its cinematic appearance in the film Pokemon: Detective Pikachu With Judge Smith and Ryan Reynolds. Fans were able to find him on TV and in the series as well Modern family, Go up this way, Single parentsFirst team Before participating Fiction Season 3 A million little thingsAvailable at Thrill. The actor then joined the cast of the last two seasons of the series This is us, Aired Canal +, There he falls in love with Philip, an English music teacher who works with Kate Pearson. The character that fans love This is the U.S.Although his encounter with Kate in previous Salvo turned out badly, he learned to fall in love with Season 6. Like us, you will no doubt love his character and his delicious English accent Of season 3 A million little things, See in Salto. Jamie plays Maggie’s roommate in Oxford …

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