August 12, 2022


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Why is it so important to talk about it?

English is an international language

Although English is not the most spoken language in the world, it is considered the first language of about 400 million people. Today, the language is taught in more than 118 countries and is widely used in business or diplomatic settings. All sectors like science, aviation, tourism and information technology are expected to use it. So, chances are you will need to use it in your lifetime, especially if you travel regularly. High school students or students, can go abroad through Erasmus. They can learn English while taking courses for a semester or a year. Without the need to revert to bilingualism, the improvement can be significant.

A language that provides access to more content

It should be remembered that speaking and understanding English gives access to a certain number of additional contents, which can be viewed on the Internet or through TV and books. In fact, many movies, music or even video games are released in English. It is important to understand the language so as not to depend on subtitles and translation software. You should also remember that reading or watching series in English will progress faster. Today, more than half of websites are displayed in English. Learn this language CPF English Training So it provides access to a large number of contents without automatically translating them.

English makes the brain versatile

Finally, English makes the brain versatile and efficient. This was revealed in a study conducted in 2012. Learning a new language can help restructure the brain, so its parts are responsible for memory. In the long run, learning foreign languages ​​can help keep the brain in good shape by stimulating concentration and memory. On the personal side, it boosts his self-confidence. Of course, it is now possible to take tests that measure English skills. Let us think specifically TOIEC, which is a significant asset in CV. Contrary to what one might think, it is not necessary to be bilingual to accomplish this.

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Importance of English in CV

Whether you’re a student, in a job or retraining, a good level of English is an asset on a CV. To advance, the junior may leave Study abroad. So effective that it will be considered a rewarding experience by the recruiters. For those looking to work internationally or in large groups, it goes without saying that fluency in English is a must. Finally, if English is one of the primary criteria in a recruitment environment, speaking other languages ​​is always considered a real plus.