May 18, 2022


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Why Steam Deck Might Be Too 'Unlocked' For Fortnite And Destiny 2

Why Steam Deck Might Be Too ‘Unlocked’ For Fortnite And Destiny 2

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at Our latest Steam Deck review A portable console from Valve, we have noticed that the constant updates of The company’s proton compatibility layer It would help many games designed for Windows to run well on Linux based SteamOS. For a few popular online multiplayer games, the inherent limitations of anti-cheat support on Linux may prevent compatibility with SteamOS (and vanilla Steam Deck) indefinitely.

This certainly seems to be the case Fate 2. In the last update to Game help pagedeveloper Bungie notes that “Fate 2 Not supported to run on Steam Deck or on any system using Steam Play’s Proton unless Windows is installed and running. Since installing Windows is not currently an option on Steam Deck (due to some stuck driver issues), Fate 2 Players are simply disqualified from the Steam Deck party at this time.

More than that, however, Bungie also takes the extreme position of “players trying to override Fate 2 incompatibility [on the Steam Deck] The game will be banned.” This indicates that there are more than minor functional issues with Proton at play here.

It is an electronic game Likewise he’s moving away from Proton/SteamOS at the moment, like Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney chirp Last month. In this case, long ago The rivalry between Epic Games and Valve It may have something to do with the conflict. “Epic would be thrilled to put Fortnite on Steam,” Sweeney chirp. “We wouldn’t be happy to give Steam 20-30% of its revenue for the franchise.”

at Fate 2Although, the game It’s been on Steam for yearswas even Moved to Linux-based streaming servers at Stadia In 2020. What does it give?

security issue

While Bungie has not provided detailed reasons for its tough anti-SteamOS stance, Sweeney’s comments regarding It is an electronic game For Linux it may provide some clues. When Sweeney was pressed to find out why Epic wasn’t interested in navigating It is an electronic gamehe is He saidWe do not have confidence that we will be able to combat cheating at scale under a wide range of kernel configurations, including custom ones.

Ostensibly, Sweeney’s suggestion that Linux games aren’t safe from cheats is a bit puzzling. Last November, Valve confirmed That famous anti-cheat service in BattlEye (which is used in files Fate 2) in Proton and that “All the developer needs is access to BattlEye to enable him to get his nickname. The developer requires no additional work besides this connection.” At the time, Valve announced that six BattlEye games would be compatible with SteamOS, including the relatively popular games like Day Z And the Arma 3.

In January, Valve I followed this statement until By posting instructions Outline How can developers also integrate Epic’s Easy Anti-Cheat (EAC, which is used in It is an electronic game) in their Proton-compatible addresses with a simple switch. This means that EAC games that use like elden ring can get That’s a valuable verified Steam Deck badge Indicating full compatibility.

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But Valve . Proton Anti-Cheat Support Documentation It seems to indicate why some developers are unhappy with the current anti-cheat apps on SteamOS. “We recommend using anti-cheat components in the user space for best results, as they can usually be turned on wine environment and provide the same level of functionality,” Valve writes. Kernel space solutions are not currently supported nor recommended. “