May 18, 2022


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Zach Tahan has been praised for his information in the NYPD. This is not the full story | Shooting on the subway in Brooklyn

In the wake of Shooting on the subway in Brooklynsocial media found her newest star.

Zack Tahan, 21, was quickly named a hero on Wednesday after the arrest of suspect Frank R. James. The attack that injured 29. But the real story, it seems, was more complicated – and Miller was not the only hero to this day.

But he definitely made the biggest splash. In videos that went viral on Twitter, Tahan explained that he spotted James on security cameras. In one clip, he said, “I thought, ‘Oh my God, this guy, let me call the police.'” He was soon telling his story to a group of reporters in Manhattan’s East Village before heading into a police car, waving as onlookers cheered.

since then, media reports Tahhan, a security camera technician from Syria, arrived in the United States five years ago and speaks five languages. He said, “We got it, thank God.” USA TODAY. “Oh, I’m doing my best.”

Videos featuring Tahan’s upbeat tale have garnered tens of thousands of likes and tweets, and the hashtag #ThankYouZack has inspired and (a) GoFundMe.

“This is what a hero looks like,” Tweet one poster. “Give this guy a TV show, please,” added another. “I love that people who were banned from entering this country a few years ago are being recognized for their heroism,” she wrote. Another fan Tahan, who said he was in the midst of a Ramadan fast.

Others reminded authorities of giving Tahan a $50,000 reward pledged by police to help capture James. and the New York The state’s attorney general, Letitia James, thanked Miller for his courage: “All of New York is grateful.”

Since Wednesday, reports have depicted a more complex scene — and introduced a few more stars to the cast.

A New York Police spokesperson told The Guardian that any information is classified. But police sources, who spoke on condition of anonymity, told News agency That James called the police himself. The sources said they said they could find it at McDonald’s in the East Village. But when they got there, it wasn’t there, the department head, Kenneth Corrie, told the agency. He was seen at the corner of a nearby street, and the police arrested him.

However, many locals say they have been involved in these efforts. Tahan credits his cousin Mo Sheikh for the assistance PIX11 That they both had seen Jacob.

Faso, painter and gallery owner, told me i liked He got to know James while walking with his family in the area. “I told my wife, ‘The shooter is on the subway right behind us. Go quickly. Push the child. No time to argue. He said. He said that after making sure they were safe, he ran back towards James and reported it to a police officer – although others noticed him at that moment.

“I was looking at him as if I was painting him,” Vasu told the site. “As an artist, you study all facial features really well. I looked at him for a long time and then half an hour later, he was there. You cannot escape an artist in the East Village.”

Meanwhile, Francisco Puebla, a manager of a nearby hardware store, was also in the case, he told the New York Times. Puebla hired a miller to work on the security cameras in his shop. “It’s all over social media, but I’m the one who took action,” Puebla said.

However, speaking to USA Today, he portrayed it as a team effort. After James found out, he said, he asked the two people working in the security system — apparently including Miller — “to confirm with me whether he was the same person.” They agreed, “And then we looked at each other and said, ‘Let’s call the police,'” but I said ‘Call,’ and they said, ‘No, call.'” They didn’t want to get the wrong person in trouble said.

Finally, he approached a police car that stopped nearby carrying information.

In the end, said writer Rachel Handler, who lives locally and trades in the store Curb: “It all was a beautiful teamwork moment in New York City.”

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