February 24, 2024


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๐Ÿค” Question about a champion: Does Messi speak English?

๐Ÿค” Question about a champion: Does Messi speak English?

Miami is the Latino capital of the United States. Over the years, Cuban immigrants have changed the face of the “Magic City” and passed through. As you understand, from a purely linguistic and socio-cultural point of view, Lionel Messi would not really belong at Inter Miami.

But as he moves out of his Florida base (competitions on the move and business ventures), can the Argentinian renegade handle the English? What is his true position in Shakespeare’s language? The answer in one word: basic.

In August 2021, his friend (and reporter) Guillem Baleque asked him the question during an off debate at the Parc des Princes (press briefing day). Messi replied: “I’ve been learning English for a year and a half… I understand the language but I can’t really speak it. ยป

Ahead of the Juventus-Barcelona match in October 2020 (LdC), La Pulca could be heard conversing in English with Dutch referee Danny McKay during the toss. The match was held behind closed doors (due to the corona virus). As a result, the cameras were able to record the exchange.

We are a Others Video proving that Messi can have (minimal) communications in English. This was last January, during an exchange with the London magician Julius Deane. Piece.

No, Messi is not good at English. Don’t expect sophisticated Argentine chat in that language. Fortunately, he has ideas. These ideas, combined with his mastery of Spanish (the second most spoken language in America), make his American adventure even more fluid.

It remains to be seen whether his Argentinian accent, which he never lost despite an early departure for Barcelona at 13, will be fully understood by Floridians. One thing is for sure, we will be following these linguistic adventures very closely.

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