May 21, 2024


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'1000 Pound Sisters' Star Tammy Slaton Wears a Swimsuit After Losing Over 400 Pounds

'1000 Pound Sisters' Star Tammy Slaton Wears a Swimsuit After Losing Over 400 Pounds

Posted: 3:57 AM PDT, April 25, 2024

Tammy Slaton Proud to show her progress. the 1000 lb sisters The star took to Instagram this week to post a new swimsuit photo with her friend Halle Michele sitting next to her.

In the photo, Tammy is wearing a blue bodysuit with neon mermaid details. She is smiling happily at her friend who has been frequenting many of her recent photos.

After the pair took another photo close together, Tammy was asked if Halle was a friend or girlfriend.

“Just best friends,” she replied.

Haley was also repeatedly called out in the comments for using Tammy for leverage or attention. She recently responded to a commenter who said she doubted Halle would be friends with Tammy if they didn't take pictures together.

“I've been out with Tammy hundreds of times without pictures!! She wants to start posting more and showing more, it's her idea to post!” Haley answered.

It was a transformative time for Tammy, she said the people In late 2023, she had lost 440 pounds since her 2022 bariatric surgery.

“Just being able to walk without a walker or being pushed in a wheelchair, and without oxygen. I don't even sleep with him at night anymore,” Tammy said. the people Of the changes I've noticed since surgery. “Then you could put it in a regular car, the front seat, and then the belt clip, and you don't have to use an extender anymore. So I mean what seems simple to some people is big to me.”

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