20 ideas for English names for a baby girl
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Finding a name for your unborn child can sometimes be a real challenge! For inspiration, here are 20 ideas for English names for a girl.

For parents looking for a first name of English origin for their unborn daughter, the English female first names listed in this article may give you some ideas.

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  • April is the English version for the month of April
  • AveryThis first name means “ruler of the elves.”
  • Charlotte This first name comes from the Germanic root Karl, meaning “strong”.
  • Diana means “shining”
  • Eden means “prosperity”
  • Elizabeth means “God is full”
  • Ellenmeans “sunburst”
  • Amy A diminutive of Emilia, it comes from the Latin name Emiliana, which refers to an important Roman family of antiquity.
  • EnolaThis first name is a play on the English words “alone” written backwards, which translates to “alone”.
  • Jenny means “God showed mercy”
  • happiness Translated as “joy” in English
  • Julia Derived from “Iulius”, which designated a member of the Roman family of Lulu.
  • Lily , comes from the word “lilium”, which means lily flower, a symbol of purity. Also, this first name is often considered a diminutive of Elizabeth.
  • Mona From the Greek “monos”, meaning “alone”.
  • Naomi means “awesome”
  • Pink , means pink flower. But this first name means “glory” in German.
  • TaylorDerived from “tailor”, meaning “tailor” or “dressmaker”.
  • Tess From the Greek “thais” meaning “turban”.
  • ToriIt is a derivative of the first name “Victoire”.
  • Victoria Derived from win, it translates as “winner”.
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