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3 zodiac signs that accept being single on December 26, 2023

3 zodiac signs that accept being single on December 26, 2023

We have that cold moon happening on December 26, 2023, and just as it sounds, this full moon will be as cold in energy as it is in name.

Some of us will find that we are the ones giving off the cold vibes, while there will be others who feel as if all the frozen energy is directed at them.

This full moon will do one thing for sure: it will make us feel as if we can do anything but “relax.”

It is interesting how things go this way, but on December 26, 2023, during the Cold Moon. Three zodiac signs will notice that this is truly a day dedicated to retreat and contemplation. While this is not necessarily a negative thing, it is all about withdrawal. These three zodiac signs may seem antisocial or a little isolated.

The point here is that this “cold” moon represents cold, and although this seems obvious enough, we humans do not like the cold. Instead, we need to be careful during the colder months, which means we need to protect ourselves from environmental threats. It's all symbolic. Really, today is about preparing ourselves against what we might think might be harmful.

The three zodiac signs with approximate zodiac signs for December 26, 2023:

1. Cancer

(June 21 – July 22)

You're always more sensitive when it comes to lunar energy, and during the Cold Full Moon on December 26, 2023, you'll know that the best place to be is at home, in the safety of your familiar landscape. Whether it's cold outside or you're in a tropical paradise, it doesn't matter. What's happening for you, Cancer, is that you're being called to step back and during the Cold Full Moon, you'll heed that call.

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Everything in your life is telling you that you need to step back now. While this is certainly something that will give you strength and courage, you now have to deal with the reality at hand, and this reality shows you that your best hand is the one played at home, alone, in your own home. Special risks. You are quite concerned with being alone today, as you have “things” to think about.

For someone else, this might be an almost “over-the-top” day but you are a highly sensitive person and this does not necessarily mean you are weak; In fact, you are quite the opposite. You have a kind of power that allows you to step back and make the right decisions, and during a cold full moon, you'll feel like the only way you can do that is to take time off to regroup and figure things out for yourself.

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2. Sagittarius

(November 22 – December 21)

In a way, today is not difficult for you at all, Sagittarius, because you are used to stepping back and getting into your own head. During the Cold Full Moon, you will realize that nature is calling you to retreat and you must heed this call. It's okay because you do your best work when you're alone. This transit will make you work with nature and not against it. You are good at silence and more wonderful at meditation.

What you may have to remind some people around you is that you need to be alone at this time and they should agree to this request. And that's the only thing that can be annoying, as you've seen before, is that not everyone in the world is ready to understand that person who wants to stay away from everyone else. However, do not feel like you need to explain, and during a cold full moon, this may lead to others judging you.

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It's okay, you don't mind. This is part of the plan, after all. You need to withdraw and stay away from all social gatherings simply because you need to clear your mind from the noise of other people's judgments or opinions. Let them find themselves on their journey. What you do know is that during the cold full moon, it is now the season for you to rest. You're not a bubbly party-goer. You are the silent, smiling monk.

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3. Capricorn

(December 22 – January 19)

By the time the cold full moon begins on this day, December 26, 2023, you will be ready for what it has in store for you: silence, peace, rest and relaxation. While you may spend some of this time in quiet reflection, you are easily swayed by thoughts of nothingness as you feel that you have done the best you can this year, and that now, on this day, December 26, you are giving back even more. You need a break and the cold full moon rings the starting bell for this idea.

You can't help but feel as if you just want to retreat. While you know that the people in your life will constantly ask for this, that, or something else, you might do the unpopular thing today and “just say no.” No one likes when you say “no” because they are used to saying yes to everything. They have become dependent on your constant responsibility. However, you desperately need a break.

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During the cold full moon, you'll see this as your chance to simply walk away from him without having to make excuses. You may find that you don't even respond to the people in your life when they make demands. You're not trying to be rude, but you really don't want to get involved. That's okay, Capricorn. They will get used to it and will allow you your space. You'll be fine, and so will they. Don't worry here.

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