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30 English Names for Boys

30 English Names for Boys

Are you looking for an original name that feels particularly connected to England? If so, we invite you to consider the following options.

Last Updated : June 11, 2023

Because they are variants of other original names with a better history or because they originated from these lands, English names for boys have a characteristic and specific style.

If you want to know what we mean by that and why we think their sounds have the best musicality, read the following list we’ve prepared for the occasion.

Be inspired by these 30 English names for boys

It is the most widely spoken language in the world (more than 1.5 billion people in total, according to the Department of Language Services). So it is not surprising that many parents around the world decide to give their child an English name.

English Names for Boys A to I

  • Arle : Literally means “prairie rabbit”. So it is a fun and enjoyable option for the new member of the family.
  • Billy: Minority of Bill and William; Together they mean something like “protector”.
  • Bradley: This first name is of English origin and means “broad meadow”.
  • Charlie: A unisex option for the “strong and bold” independent man.
  • Darry: It is a perfect alternative if you are expecting the youngest of the house. In this sense, it means “little person”.
  • Darwin: Comes from Old English and means “dear friend”.
  • Daryl: Like the previous option, this name also comes from heritage English and has a meaning that will fascinate any parent: “madly loved”.
  • Dominic: It is an English variant of Latin Dominic, meaning “gentleman”. Undoubtedly, one of the most amazing and medieval options.
  • Drake: In English, it means “dragon”.
  • Edric: Refers to a “rich and powerful” person.
  • Ethan: “The strength of God, the man of good way”. In this sense, it is perfect for any devout parent.
  • Fortino: It is an English variant of the Latin word Good luck (“Luck”).
  • Frank: The English form of Francisco, whose origin is Germanic, refers to a person who was once “free”.
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London England

English names from J to Z

  • Jack: A proper name for “a man filled with the grace of God.”
  • Jacob: In accordance with the previous wish, it proves that “God preserves.”
  • Jared: Perfect for any parent who puts their family at the center of their lives. In this sense, it means “offspring”.
  • Joe: A very spiritual first name, it means “whom God glorifies.”
  • Joseph: Means something like “God makes you great”.
  • Kenner: This is variation Kennard. It also means “valiant defender”.
  • Milton: Derived from an Old English surname, derived from the English place name “”. Mill town » (Mill town)
  • Oliver: ‘Keep the peace’ is a perfect choice.
  • Peyton: This unisex name is also of English linguistic heritage, meaning “man’s fighting heritage”. Also, it is also a place name (in fact, it may be related Patrick)
  • Richard: Symbolizes someone who is “powerful”.
  • Robinson: A first name of English origin meaning “of great fame”. If you want a short option, a perfect small dress.
  • Sterling: It means “genuine, high quality”. According to its etymology, the word derives from an ancient term meaning a “small star”.
  • Thomas: Means “double”.
  • Tyler: Comes from a professional name. In this sense, he refers to a “roofer.”
  • Wilder: Regarding its etymology, Wilder is a variation of the name show Its origin is English and means “hunter”.
  • William: This refers to a “secure and determined person”.
  • Wyatt: Also from Old English, meaning “strength in battle”.

Does this list have the correct name?

Maybe you didn’t think too far back Spoken For today’s world, the answer you have been searching for for a long time. Is one of these options the name you want for the future king of the house?

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The history of the English language and foreign melodies allow it to offer many cultural options Give your child plenty Personality From day one. And you, what did you like the most?

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