June 19, 2024


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7 Tips to Practice English in Lyon

This week, at Lyon CityCrunch, readers take orders and publish articles. Today, Geraldine gives you tips on how to practice your English (or another foreign language).

Hello kittens!

What? A foreign language ?! Lately, I have to say that besides Netflix, there are not many opportunities to hear and speak anything other than our language. Suddenly, as your English (or Spanish or Korean or Romanian…) rusts, so does your desire to escape. So, like me, if you dream of refreshing a foreign language, speaking the mother tongue and traveling without leaving Leon and breaking your ELP, this article is for you!

You have many options. Here are some good plans:

Dating sites

I see you coming but no, that has nothing to do with Tinder! Some sites come forward to meet the owners of other languages ​​for conversation exchange. You register on the site, which provides access to other members’ files, their photos, spoken languages, and their areas of interest. If you are interested in a profile, you can contact that person and see in what language (s) they would like to exchange. And the best bonus: people live in Lyon, so you can meet and chat in a hotel or somewhere!



Talent exchange

Of course, we can do linguistic exchanges, but not only! Do not hesitate to offer something in exchange for an hour of conversation or class. For my part, I exchanged French lessons for yoga lessons, and did the same for guitar and singing lessons. Everything is possible! With time and the same passions, we often become friends. ⁇

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To meet people who are interested, look around, post an ad in your neighborhood or recommend it to anyone you meet through this article. You can also make a proposal in the group.Foreigners living in Lyon‘On Facebook.

Le Gotobo

I have to admit I have a weakness at this point. Cotoba is an association that promotes languages ​​and cultures from here and elsewhere. This is a sub-bar that offers language meetings every night of the week at 8 p.m. Policy: Participants are assigned a schedule so you can sit down and join the conversation. No condition is defined, everyone does what they can and people are very compassionate. Rest assured, most people will come alone, be a little shy at first and leave happily.

English every Monday evening, every Tuesday Spanish, other languages ​​to watch the program online, there are evenings for all common languages, but Breton, Catalan, languages ​​like Scandinavians, LSF and Esperanto are rare!

No pre-registration, come when you want and when you want. The evening is free but for the first time we ask you to become a member of the association (4 euros per year!) And take a drink. Prices are all low and the products are mostly natural and local. (Be careful, they will not take credit card).

🏠 14, rue René Leynaud, 69001 Lyon


Meetup is an online site that allows you to meet new people by practicing activities that suit their interests. Everyone has something but for us here are some interesting groups:

  • Polyglot Friday Evening: Participants can get to know each other according to the language they want to practice. Every Friday night from 8:30 pm to 10:30 pm, Bomb Place Croix Pocket, Lyon 1.
  • Language exchange Lyon: It’s like speed dating. We speak our language for 10 minutes, then speak for 10 minutes in the language we want to learn, then change partners. Mondays, Wednesdays and Sundays from 7.15pm to 9pm. Free trial then free price.
  • Flabla Language Exchange Lyon: We start with French and form a group of people who want to speak the same language.
  • Saturday Morning Conversation in English !: 7 Groups. Questions are asked to stimulate discussion. Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 11:15 p.m.
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Diving without flying in Great Britain? Go to the (real) pub near you and get a seat at the bar and you will definitely meet English speaking people who are happy to meet local people.

Some good addresses: James Joyce, Smoking Dog, Wallace (yes, they’re all in Viox Lyon, who knows why the English-speaking ghost…, but there must be someone near you!).

For students

Good efforts from Lyon 2 and Lyon 3 (free) (Sorry for the inconvenience …).

Lyon 2: Conversation Workshops. Cultural exchanges with English speakers studying in France and with those who have learned French themselves. Two groups of levels (A2-B1 and B2-C1). Weekly online registration lists. Team with a maximum of 6 people, own animator.

Lyon 3: Languages ​​Lunch. Information on the U. site at manufacturer Des Tabax Restaurant will be coming soon.


Invite them to your place!

It may seem crazy, but we like to be with the locals when we travel, so we will give them back! You can do it informally, but if you want a little more layout, sign up for Couchsurfing. The principle is simple: you offer people to sleep at home for free on your sofa (Couch In English) or a guest room, which is an opportunity for great meetings, regardless of finances, a pleasure to share, and you can ask for hospitality as you travel. You see the profiles of people online and you can contact them. To test is to accept it!



Ready, steady, go!