April 14, 2024


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A 15-year-old schoolboy threatens his English teacher with an “accident” after an argument

A 15-year-old schoolboy threatens his English teacher with an “accident” after an argument

A teenager who attacks a teacher? The scenario seems to repeat itself. This Friday, March 15, a 15-year-old boy asks to meet Edouard-Hériot of his college in Chenault (Côte-d'Or, Dijon). Once in his office, he brandished a kitchen knife and threatened to kill him, according to reports France blue. The young man, withdrawn from his language course, presents to the head of the institution ” “Letter referring to hostages and references to November 2015 attacks in France”. The case reports.

Also adds: ” CPE, 45, managed to escape by triggering an anti-intrusion alarm. Before police arrived, he threatened one of his teachers, then a maintenance worker. His class was restricted, and other middle school students were expelled. The teenager was arrested after 3pm and taken into police custody. Although there were no reports of death threats, introduction of weapons and violence in the school institution, an investigation is open. As a matter of practice, anti-terror prosecutions were launched. As prosecutor Oliver Karakotch underlines: ” The signals are there, but the prowess of the anti-terrorist case has not been sustained for now.

young lady “Recruiting by the Known” to “plant” His teacher?

Adherence to warning procedures to Franck Rabin, CEO of Côte-d'Or “Made it possible to avoid the worst”. Thierry Falconet, Mayor of Chenault, College ” Advantages of Video Security”, But still “We can't predict something like this.” He adds: “This Edward Heriot College is very secure in the field and I salute the principal's calmness in implementing the warning procedure provided in such a situation, when he was threatened.” described as “very disruptive”, The teenager offers two different explanations for his actions. He begins by explaining what he wants “plant” An incident with the English teacher led to his temporary ostracism. Then he thought better of it, wanting to take the main man hostage.

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At the end of the police custody, he changed his version of facts saying that he was present “Recruited by acquaintances who had heard of her difficulties with her teacher to kill three members of the academic group within the college”. According to him, he is “It has to be paid for”.However, this latest version is not corroborated by any objective evidence gathered during the investigation.Olivier Caracotch explains. This can be linked to the desire of this young man to emphasize himself. A desire also noted by the expert psychiatrist who examined him. A desire maintained by the fair media coverage of the affair.” As of this Sunday, he was produced before the trial judge this Sunday. An inquiry was opened, espr “attempted to intentionally kill a teacher” And “Voluntary Violence” with worst-case scenarios. A request was also made by the government for custody.