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A Borderlands 4 announcement could be imminent, as a new video suggests

A Borderlands 4 announcement could be imminent, as a new video suggests

It's been nearly five years since Borderlands 3 was released, and while we've gotten Wonderlands in the meantime, fans are eager for the fourth main game to be announced and released later, especially now that Gearbox is owned by Embracer and it looks like disaster could strike at any time.

now, The official Twitter account for Borderlands He does…something interesting. I didn't quite understand this at first, but looking back on 2019, I now realize what might be going on.

The Borderlands account posted a “story so far” video for Borderlands 1. This is actually the same video that was first released in April of 2019. The “story so far” video for Borderlands 2 with Handsome Jack followed shortly. after. This came before Borderlands 3's global gameplay reveal in May, but after BL3's announcement in March 2019.

The idea here is that Gearbox is working on these elements again before releasing a new third video about Borderlands 3, and that will lead to an announcement about Borderlands 4. We already know that Gearbox has been working on it, it's just a matter of how long and what the release schedule will be. . I doubt they might try to reveal or even release something big when Borderlands comes out next August. Synergy, and all that.

For context, with Borderlands 3 announced in March 2019, the game was actually released that same year, in September of that year, about six months later. So, fans are hoping that this is finally the year, and this video being shared not only recycles old content from five years ago, but also has something to take to social media. It is interpreted as a tease.

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While some may misread the end of the video as an announcement of the return of Handsome Jack, rather than an introduction to a BL2 video, I think it's possible, if not likely, that the Gearbox will Return it. He's the most iconic villain the series has ever seen, and truly one of the most iconic characters Characters Quite a bit, and I don't think they'll be able to resist the temptation.

Gearbox is in the weird situation of being bought by Embracer Group, but is supposed to publish Borderlands through its longstanding relationship with 2K. Speaking of villains, Embracer has become something of a bane to the industry, buying up studios and then laying off workers en masse and shutting down projects, most recently a new Deus Ex game. There have been rumors that the cash-strapped company may end up selling Gearbox to plug the revenue gap after the deal falls through, but that has yet to materialize into anything significant.

As for Borderlands 4, it's entering a market where it may feel the need to go the “live” route, as it has added content and DLC in the past, but not in the traditional seasonal/battle pass way we've seen with many recent games. But it's an OG shooter, and it seems likely that it will still find a large audience for a fourth game in any format. I wonder how the visuals and humor will continue to age, however, in the modern gaming scene, in general, the third game was not as well received as the second. We'll see if these teases go anywhere.

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