May 24, 2024


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A few episodes of the final Amazon Power, the most expensive show ever

A few episodes of the final Amazon Power, the most expensive show ever

Last year too expensive Lord of the rings appear on amazon, rings of powerHe had a lot of noise. However, after Amazon spent more than $450 million on the lavish production, a report stated that less than half of viewers who watched the first episode finished the entire series.

Amazon Prime, like every other streaming service out there in 2023, is desperately trying to get millions of people to watch the expensive content it keeps releasing. With competition growing in the streaming market, more content flooding into services, costs increasing and subscription prices following suit, it becomes much more difficult to convince people to sign up or watch anything. And a new report reveals that only 37 percent of viewers watched one Amazon episode Lord of the Rings: Rings of PowerThe most expensive series ever—hold around to see what’s left of it. This is bad. But it’s even worse when you realize that the minimum statistic Amazon wants for a show of this size is closer to 50 percent.

Report from April 3 from Hollywood Reporter He explains that Amazon Prime’s film and TV studio is a giant, expensive mess. The report claims that Amazon Studios president Jennifer Salke is rushing to make big deals with big names in an effort to build up Amazon’s talent pool. But many of those offers fail to deliver, like $140 million Daisy Jones and the Six series. Insiders said that while it was well planned HR that it failed to be the “massive hit” they wanted and its high price compared to cheaper offerings from Amazon and others that did better. Meanwhile, the report claims that Salik is catching up with trends and that Amazon is hungry for more “safe hits” like Jack Richer.

“They don’t learn from their mistakes,” said one source, a showrunner with experience working with the company. “[Amazon Studios execs go], “We can’t do more deals like this.” You turn around and they go straight back to the – the rude term is “fucking star.”

Amazon relies a lot on data, which causes frustration for content creators

Another bad story from the report claims that Amazon Studios relies too heavily on data and focus groups, resulting in productions that focus on women or contain LGBTQ themes that are put into the background. The example given in the report is a league of their ownwho struggled to get a second season and when it did, It was only four episodes long.

“It’s all a dedication to armed white men — it’s a self-fulfilling prophecy,” said an Amazon Studios vet. Another added, “Reliance on data is soul crushing… there is never a point,” and another added, “I know the test wasn’t that great, but I believe in this.” “


But because Amazon products have been underperforming, offerings like HBO’s The last of us They saw their audience grow with every episode. And Netflix continues to dominate the streaming charts, with Hollywood Reporter Referring to Nielsen data from 2022 that showed all of the top 10 shows were from Netflix. boys, the great superhero show on Amazon Prime, came in eleventh place. And the most expensive offer ever made, Amazon responded game of thrones? No. 15.

The report also claims that people who have worked or are currently working at Amazon Studios describe it as a confusing and frustrating workplace. A lot of this seems Eerily similar to what has been reported bloomberg in 2021 About the mess Amazon Game Studios makes, with details like execs making big deals, spending a lot of money on big names or big bets, ignoring the people who know best, and then cutting costs When shows flop or don’t go off right away.

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While Amazon has a few shows and games that are doing really well right now, the company appears to be, too Burn a lot of money To continue to be ahead of industry leaders like Valve, Netflix, Disney, and Epic. But who knows, maybe another $30 billion will help!