April 12, 2024


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A Frenchman adapted the concept of “Abrège Frère” into English!

A Frenchman adapted the concept of “Abrège Frère” into English!

The “Abrège Frère” account now has its English version. A Frenchman who reaps all the success on TikTok!

The Frenchman, who decided to transform the TikTok account “Abrège Frère” into the language of Shakespeare, posted his videos, which are now a hit abroad. MCE TV explains everything to you!

A site that is becoming more popular?

Who doesn't know TikTok these days? Within 10 years, social networking has become a real phenomenon. The Chinese platform sees thousands of videos produced by its users flourishing every day.

The first to hit were the “tips” videos. On TikTok, they are the ones who dictate the trends! as This Clean Tok trend It attracts cleanliness freaks!

If you feel like Monica Keller's soul, these videos are for you. You'll learn from them how to effectively scrub your toilets or get tips on how to thoroughly clean the house as spring approaches.

The Chinese platform wants influencers to send their good deals to their community. It specifically targets young people who have been doing it for a long time Their favorite social network.

But maybe not for long… because recently a surprising trend has been observed. In fact, A great attendance of thirty on TikTok will drive teenagers to other places.

Will the platform eventually become a victim of its success? Because the medium of entry to make yourself known today is clear. Everyone hopes to one day create their own little buzz or start an international fashion business with it.

A Frenchman seems to have won. Indeed, Eros, a young man from Perpignan, decided to take on an original challenge. that Create an English version of the French account “Abrège Frère”.

@gettothepointbro Such a cute story but come to the point. #storytime #Gettothepoint Bro #grwm #fyp #foryou ♬ Original Sound – Come to the point bro

The TikTok account “Abrège Brother” now has its version in English

This is a controversial account that once sparked controversy. It sometimes promised to condense into a few words long explanations given by “talkative” people. However, the videos processed by “Abrège Brother” were mostly produced by female viewers.

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After being banned from TikTok for a while, the account reappeared and has since arrived 1.4 million subscriberss. This naturally gave the young Perpignan resident ideas…

The latter thus decided to relocate The concept of “brief brother”.… in English. Since then, the idea has really taken off. “Gettothepointbro” website (Translation Coming Friend) has already amassed over 435,000 subscribers. As well as millions of views.

The first surprise was Eros, who didn't expect to find so much success on TikTok. “I found this kind of video to be the Holy Grail. I tried it and it worked”He confided in our colleagues at Tech&Co.

As for criticism, the youngster prefers to stay away from any controversy. According to him, there is nothing sexual in its content. His account will be fun and entertaining for the Tiktok community.

We didn't do anything wrong. Granted, most of the videos I summarize are women talking. But I'm not going to choose a video for that, there's a simple explanation. 90% of the content I pick up is created by women because it's interesting.” He pleads in his defense.