May 26, 2024


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A Martiniquaise develops a method of mastering English in a short period of time

A Martinique has developed a technique that allows his students, students, entrepreneurs or selected officials to express themselves fluently in English. Cellphone and computer and within a few months your English level will rise.

With a cell phone and good internet connection, Céline Zaire Martinique and her student are in Guadeloupe this week. You can start a personal English lesson.

(Re) See our report with Patrice Chateau Degat.

Method of learning English by a young Martinique.

Celine teaches English in a special way. In a few weeks, his students learn much faster than traditional methods, and one explanation is that he targets their needs.

Celine Jair improved her English in London and Barbados. And in recent months, he has decided to innovate, to teach online by creating his own education. Its students are students, tourism professionals and elected officials.

Céline Zaire certainly has a secret that allows her students to communicate and teach her love of the English language.

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