April 23, 2024


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A middle school teacher gave her students 32 playboys.  He uses it to teach English in his classes

A middle school teacher gave her students 32 playboys. He uses it to teach English in his classes

JVTech News A middle school teacher gave her students 32 playboys. He uses it to teach English in his classes


An American English teacher decided to integrate Game Boy video games into her teaching. Its mission: to captivate its students and acquaint them with the English language in a fun and interactive way.

An English teacher brings Game Boys to class: from fun to learning

Imagine for a moment that your children come home from school with wonderful stories about their adventures in the world of Pokemon, or that they enthusiastically discuss Greek mythology after playing in Hades. A reader of JV will appreciate this noble art and find the effort very beautiful, but let's just say that most people will be shocked. Regardless of what one thinks of the project, an English teacher in America has turned the idea into a reality by integrating video games into her teaching.

His goal? Engage students and introduce them to Shakespeare's language in a fun and interactive way. It all started when a visionary teacher bought 32 Game Boys and distributed them to all his students. As you can see, this idea may seem far-fetched, but it is based on solid educational thinking: our protagonist noticed that his students were interested in video games, and decided to use this enthusiasm to impress them in class. Come, we will tell you how all this happens in practice.

A way to learn English through video games

This teacher's learning plan is very simple. Here are three steps to follow:

  • First, the whole class agrees on a game to play and study together.
  • Students then engage in creative writing exercises related to the game for a week.
  • Next week, they analyze different aspects of the game, such as characters, themes, and plot.
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The selected games cover a wide variety of genres and titles, from classics like Pokemon Red and Blue and Skyrim to critically acclaimed indie titles like The Stanley Parable or Hades. In addition to Game Boys, the class includes several Xbox Series S, PS5, and Nintendo Switch consoles. Yes, you read that right. Americans have next-gen consoles in the class.

Aware that his methods may be surprising, the teacher insists that students' writing meet the standard of secondary education in English. For him, using video games in his class is not a problem, but an opportunity to teach his students the English language in a conversational way. It's not stupid, humans prefer to learn through play and passion rather than constraint. Also, he confirms that students are motivated and their academic results are improving. Thanks to video games, learning English becomes more fun and useful, and students develop valuable critical and analytical skills.

This innovative approach to teaching English shows that video games can be not only a source of entertainment but also a powerful educational tool. By using popular games to teach English, this teacher not only captured her students' attention, but also gave them a new perspective on how they learn and communicate the language.

In the comments of the Reddit post that served as the source for this story, the teacher noted some parents' reluctance about her unorthodox teaching method. But after months of testing, everyone has to face the facts: it works. So the next time your child asks you to play video games, remember this story. Who knows ? They might learn something new.

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