February 25, 2024


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A new association to learn English in Ergué-Gaberic

A new association to learn English in Ergué-Gaberic

In Ergué-Gabéric (Finistère), Jasmine Héré, a “True British” As she defines herself, she created her association to teach English to children and adults in a fun way.

“But my parents are English and they fell in love with Brittany 35 years ago. They stopped at Benodet during a trip on their boat. They gave up everything, sold their house and boat in England and settled in Finistère. I was one year old then. »

“I built my life here”

Jasmin Hare spoke only English with her family and returned to her home country during the holidays. “But I love Brittany. I built my life here and married a Breton from North Finisterre. Today, I’m a real Caperigois. Three months ago, I got French citizenship! » The couple moved to Le Rouillen 6 years ago. “Earlier, I worked as a large export sales assistant. It was the Covid period that convinced me to change my life: I no longer wanted to sit behind a desk. »

Jasmine Héré, 35, will teach at L’Athéna at the end of the day for adults on Mondays and Tuesdays from September 18, 2023. “Adults like to express themselves and understand language while traveling. This often involves re-learning forgotten school English. I offer 1 hour 15 minute conversation lessons.

“It’s supposed to be fun”

Wednesday is dedicated to children and adolescents. “I teach in nursery, primary, middle and high schools, with age groups of 4 to 8 at most. For the little ones, it’s mainly games in English. It should be fun. I have a 6-year-old boy myself. I know ways to help them learn.” For middle and high school students, these are English conversation classes. “We have to make them talk. We don’t get used to talking enough in class. That’s what’s missing. We also read songs and I ask them to watch series in the original version. »

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Here it is! Single price: €8.50/lesson. The first lesson is presented. 33 courses per year. Contact: 07 81 15 54 31 or [email protected]