July 14, 2024


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A new leak reveals an exciting upgrade

A new leak reveals an exciting upgrade

It’s not been a month since Apple’s big special event of the year, when it unveiled its next generation iPhone and Apple Watch. Likely Tuesday, September 12th – full details here.

While there have already been leaks about missing protective cases, unprecedented storage inclusions, and amazing display improvements, it is now clear that the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max could see a rapid increase in performance. Here’s what we think we know, and why it matters.

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The increasingly necessary dropout Unknown 21 He just tweeted the processor, RAM, CPU and GPU details of the next Pro phones. They already revealed some of these details but have now broken them down to make them more accessible. Here is the tweet and what it means.

Why is 3nm important?

The leaker first focuses on the 3nm manufacturing process used in the A17 chip that will power the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max. The higher the number to the left of nanometers, which stands for nanometers, the more pressure you can put on the processor. The more pressure you can get, the better. By comparison, the A16 has 4nm manufacturing — and that’s no slouch. The A16 is expected to be in non-Pro phones, i.e. iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus.

The benefits of 3nm are enormous. Like Hartley Charlton Mac rumors Eloquently put, “The increased number of transistors made possible by 3nm allows the chip to perform more tasks simultaneously and at a faster rate, while using less power.”

Better performance while using less power means fast, snappy results without unduly draining your battery. So, the perfect storm.

More cores means performance goes up

Forgive me the rhyme. The leak also specifies that the next Pro iPhones will have six CPU cores and six GPU cores. That’s compared to the A16 chip (and again, that’s really fast) which has six CPU cores and five GPU cores. This extra core means the system can extract more performance and since it’s a GPU core, and GPU stands for Graphics Processing Unit, this means that the next Pro iPhones will likely be capable of more impressive graphics. Maybe ray tracing for games? Whatever it is, it will be a huge power step.

performance speeds

“The two performance cores run at 3.70GHz,” says the leaker. The current iPhone’s fastest performance in the iPhone 14 Pro and almost certainly can be found in the iPhone 15 is 3.46GHz. This indicates a faster power arrival.

More RAM possible

It hasn’t been named yet but it seems likely that the A17 chip will support either 6GB or 8GB of RAM. It’s not clear which is which, but it’s possible that if the iPhone 15 Pro has a version with 2TB of storage, 8GB of RAM will be used there.

Why does any of this matter?

Here’s the thing, Apple never puts components in a device unless they think they can fully use them, often to their fullest extent. Which means that in the event of improvements in the leak’s suggested specs, Apple should have some cool new features up its sleeve to take advantage of it. Exactly what will be revealed in less than a month.

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