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A Promoted English in Aouar

A Promoted English in Aouar

Posted by Media365 Editorial Staff on Wednesday, August 10, 2022 at 7:05 pm.

Promoted to the Premier League this season, Nottingham Forest are keen to lure OL midfielder Haussem Ouwer to their nets.

After hatching at Olympique Lyonnais 5 years ago, Haussem seems to be at a turning point in its career. To continue his progress, the French international could be seduced by a new challenge. His performances in the Champions League during the 8 finals 2 years ago made an impact. But water has flowed under the bridge since then, and the midfielder is going through a slightly different period.

Nottingham Forest is rushing by

Speculation has gained momentum that could see Haussem leave his coaching club this summer, especially as the attacking midfielder’s contract expires in a year. According to L’Équipe, Lyonnais: A club will press to secure the services of Nottingham Forest.

Having been promoted to the Premier League, this historic British football team has every intention of fulfilling its ambitions this season. The French newspaper claims that the English club have made the first offer to OL. A proposal was rejected by the Rhone club, which would have expected a compensation of between 15 and 20 million euros to sell its midfielder. Nottingham should return to Forestry.

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