February 25, 2024


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A rare Andromedan meteor shower can be seen

A rare Andromedan meteor shower can be seen

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  • There is a chance of seeing a very rare meteor shower tonight.
  • The Andromedean arose in what is now a dead comet.

People in the United States may have a chance to see a very rare meteor shower Saturday night.

called AndromedesIt originated with a comet named 3D/Biela. The comet was first seen making its way through space in the 18th century. It broke up around 1842, according to the American Astronomical Society. “D” in its name It indicates a dead comet that has mostly disappeared.

It produced spectacular meteor showers in 1872 and 1885 Well documented And he studied.

But since then, seeing Andromedas has become rare. Some astronomers pridect It could be visible Saturday night, with up to 200 meteors per hour.

If that happens, then Best view It will be in Europe, North Africa, and West Asia due to timing.

But people in North America could have done it an opportunity The American Meteor Society says some Andromedes could be discovered shortly after sunset if the display is behind its expected schedule.

The possible viewing window is very short because a The gibbous moon is waning It will rise and pour light into the sky, making it difficult to see any potential meteors.

Weather – especially clouds – can play a role in visibility.

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