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A.S. against English clubs in Europe. The difficulties of Roma

A.S. During the Europa League semi-final between Roma and Manchester United, Calciomio Invites you to return to Louin’s performances against English clubs in Europe. A negative rating Chlorosis With particularly significant failures in the knockout stages …

Negative record against the British in Europe

Looking at Roma’s record in the European Cups against English clubs, we can say that it is more negative than positive. In fact looking at the recent results of the Champions League against England from the 16th round, The Chlorosis Have often experienced deletion.

The 2000s are a bright example, as Roma will be eliminated by English clubs at C1 for three consecutive years. First season in 2007 with the famous humiliation (7-1) against Manchester United in the quarter-finals at Old Trafford. The following year United beat Roma in Europe in the quarter-finals of the tournament. Finally in 2009 Arsenal eliminated Francesco Totti’s team in the knockout stages of the Roman dreams of a new home final at the Olympics.

The last pain relief against an English club in Europe is finally recent as it is C1’s 1/2 final match in 2018 against Liverpool. After a humiliating defeat in the first leg at Anfield (5-2), the Romans were able to lift their head to return to the Olympics 4-2. Unfortunately this win was not enough to get to the final.

Traumatic failures

In addition to being largely eliminated by English clubs in the knockout stages in recent years, AS Roma has experienced great historical frustration with these clubs in Europe. The most recent example, one we just cited, is the C1 semi-final in 2018 against Liverpool.

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The shock defeat in the 2007 quarter-final defeat to Manchester United was another reason. Although Roma have a good squad under the management of a particular Luciano Spalletti, the team coached by Sir Alex Ferguson makes a 7-1 correction over Lou at Old Trafford. Winning the first leg (2-1) at the Stadio Olympics was an unexpected defeat for Roma a week earlier than the Mancunians. This amendment has long been in force in A.S. The biggest European defeat in Roma history will be against Bayern Munich (1-7) until 2014.

Nevertheless, if we provoke European shocks, The Fan AS Roma will speak immediately after Liverpool were fined for the 1984 C1 final. The latter is the most traumatic memory of La Lou’s European history. On May 30, 1984, Roma failed to lift the Champions Trophy in front of their home crowd.

An interesting result in C3 though

If the record against English clubs in C1 goes negative, it is credible without exception in C3. In the notable performances of Chlorosis In C3 against English clubs, we can see a qualification against Ipswich Town in the first round of the 1982 UEFA Cup. In the second round of the 1998 UEFA Cup, Roma defeated Leeds, a valuable Premier League team at the time. Another notable performance against English in C3 was qualifying against Newcastle in the third round in the 1999/2000 edition.

Henceforth, Roma have only to maintain these good results against the English in C3 to qualify for the third European final in their rich and long history. Even if the recent past in Europe against Premier League teams brings back bad memories Fans Romanists One can only rely on encouraging results to believe that this bad European series against the English leaders will be thwarted.

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