May 22, 2024


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A stray English carrier pigeon found in America

A stray English carrier pigeon found in America

Rarely a pigeon The traveler also took his name well. Issued from the island of Guernsey English Bob, a bird located in the English Channel, ended up in… Alabama (America) suggests that a journey of more than 6,000 kilometers was not actually planned BBC.

The 4-year-old bird belongs to a British fan. This is one of his best pigeons. He was the first to join his loft in Gateshead, in the north-east of England, 640km from Guernsey.

Maintained in shelter

An Alabama resident found him and turned him over to a shelter. “He was covered in oil, he could have traveled on an oil tanker,” a trainer told the BBC. Thanks to his rings, he was able to find his owner. A relief for the fan.

But how to explain this incredible journey? “If this pigeon went in the wrong direction, it could be to follow others,” said a pigeon fancier from Ille-et-Villain. Western France. (…) Once above the sea, it was impossible for him to land to eat and drink. Must have been tired and looking for a site.

Bob is in good hands now, but his owner hopes to find him soon. The BBC notes that it is worth 1,000 pounds, or about 1,160 euros. So to help her pay for the ticket Airplane To his dove, A Online Kitty Opened.

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