June 17, 2024


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A teacher from Glamisie publishes a method for learning English in one year

A teacher from Glamisie publishes a method for learning English in one year

“It’s going to be a hit,” he says! His method to learn English quickly is unstoppable. Gérald Leroy, a certified English teacher at Giroud-de-Villette College in Clamecy, sold the first textbook on his own account ten years ago, selling 2,500 copies with many positive reviews.

This time he has taught English for thirty-eight years and founded the independent publishing house Ellipsus Editions. They have published his works in two volumes: Around English in 365 days. A better way to learn with time.

Each lesson lasts… less than 5 minutes!

“I noticed a very low level of students in high school and college and even among adults. So I envisioned a way to master the language in one year instead of seven. I would deliver knowing that one lesson a day would last no more than 5 minutes. Even an adult who wants to study English can do that.” “Can be done. It requires discipline: you have to submit to it every day. But once we pick up the trick, I guarantee the result. In the end, we get an amazing mastery of the language,” the teacher assures.

Students do not have enough grammar basics to fully understand what they are being taught.

These two volumes are denser than his first work. Added some lessons to enrich the content. “The first work involves getting the basics from 6 to BTS. The second module is more dedicated to development to go further in learning. »

Each lesson, along with a short exercise, includes a translation of each sentence into French, leaving no ambiguity about the meaning. Because Gerald LeRoy’s observation is quite simple: “Students do not have enough grammatical foundations to fully understand what they are being taught. They no longer know what a state verb or an action verb is. In the first volume, I added a collection of French grammar. It allows us to distinguish proper nouns, common nouns, possessive adjectives. This grammar did not appear in my first work”.

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Out of stock on Amazon

Since the release of her first book, she admits she has matured.
To write his reports, he took notes on English public radio BBC, he has spent thousands of hours listening. “It’s spoken English and we practice it on a daily basis”. Objective: Learn to master the conjugation of tenses, another major gap for the French student. What status can we claim at the end of these 365 days? Gerald LeRoy guarantees: “A good position and acquisition of essential fundamentals”.

The best grammarians agree: this work has never been done seriously and deeply by an Englishman.

The second volume is devoted almost entirely to adverbial particles, “of little practical meaning,” lamented the professor, “when they give an additional indication of the verb.” “The best grammarians agree: this work has never been done seriously and deeply by an Anglicist. I have analyzed all the meanings of “below”, “above”, “in”, “out”… If we take one of the best French/English grammars, Perland-Telepine, It gives four meanings in “outside”. ” particle. I bring fifteen. I tackled this task with 169 lessons. Although it represents 80% of the language for me, we never give lessons about it. »

Gerald LeRoy of Desisois has other writing projects underway, but he has no doubt that the release of the two volumes will be a publishing success. Each volume was printed in 2,500 copies. But after a week, the Amazon online site is already short of stock!

Christopher Belholm