July 22, 2024


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A teenage GTA 6 hacker was found carrying an Amazon Fire Stick in a small city hotel room

A teenage GTA 6 hacker was found carrying an Amazon Fire Stick in a small city hotel room

International cybercrime, as portrayed in movies and media, is a high-stakes game played by shadowy government agencies and state-sponsored hacking groups. The Hollywood cast will be bringing out a character who wears a black blazer and black shades, and is likely to be carrying a briefcase as they board an executive jet.

These things aren’t supposed to happen in a cheap hotel room in your trashy hometown, however The story of a British teen caught leaking closely guarded details Grand Theft Auto 6 In a Travelodge room in Bicester, Oxfordshire Brings the work from the global to the local for the Hackaday writer. Bicester is a small town famous for its tacky shopping center and as a terminus for commuters on the line to London Marylebone, it’s not quite a Vice City.

The teenager in question is single [Arion Kurtaj], relentlessly reported by the BBC as part of the Lapsus$ gang, is a thrilling take on a group of kids who are experts at hacking computers but seem incompetent at being criminals. After hacking the British telecom companies, he is exposed by another group and captured by the authorities, before being taken to a hotel for his safety.

This is where the story becomes more interesting for Hackaday readers, because although he was denied access to a computer, he bought an Amazon Fire Stick from the Argos Hotel in the Sainsburys next door, and connected it to a Travelodge TV. With this, he gained access to cloud services, we believe it’s a virtual Linux environment or something, before going on to hack more organizations including Rockstar Games to leak GTA 6 footage. He’s not sentenced yet, but we think he’ll continue to serve some time. at His Majesty’s pleasure.

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Regardless of one’s hometown sensational moment and sensational reports, we can only be saddened that a teenager of this level of talent was not given the necessary support and encouragement from the Oxfordshire education system to put it to better use. Let us hope that when he is older and wiser, the conviction of a teenager will not prevent him from having a useful career in this field.