July 23, 2024


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A woman has been sentenced to work at a fast food restaurant after throwing food at a Chipotle worker

A woman has been sentenced to work at a fast food restaurant after throwing food at a Chipotle worker

An Ohio woman who threw a burrito bowl at a Chipotle worker and was convicted of assault has been sentenced to an unusual sentence that includes working at a fast food restaurant for two months.

Back in September, during the dinner rush and while a restaurant in Parma was understaffed, Emily Russell, then the store’s manager, said she placed an order and then resubmitted it to Rosemary Hine.

Ms. Hine was not satisfied with the final product. in The video was shared widely onlineShe can be seen screaming at Ms Russell before throwing the burrito bowl at her face.

“I didn’t expect that at all,” Russell, 26, said. “I just blinked and there was sour cream dripping out of my hair.”

Eventually, someone called the police, Ms. Russell said.

Judge Timothy Gilligan of Parma Municipal Court sentenced Ms. Hayne to 180 days in jail, suspended for 90 days. Court records show.

The judge offered her a chance to reduce her sentence, with 60 of those days suspended if she worked 20 hours a week for 60 days at a fast-food restaurant, said Joseph O’Malley, Ms. Hine’s lawyer.

He said Ms Hayne, 39, had agreed to accept the judge’s offer. She must complete her time as a fast food worker by the time she arrives at prison in March.

Mr O’Malley said he believed the sentence was fair.

“This is a woman who was about 40 years old, had no criminal record at all, and then she had a bad day,” he said. “I was begging the judge not to let this define her one day.”

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Ms. Hine has interviewed, but it is unclear whether she has landed a job in fast food yet, Mr. O’Malley said.

The ruling came as a surprise to Ms Russell.

“I thought she was going to get a slap on the wrist, but she didn’t. She was going to walk in my shoes,” Ms. Russell said.

She said she still thinks about that day, when she went to the back of the restaurant to wipe off the food. She said her face was red and irritated from the hot food hitting it.

She said she called her mother, cried, and then finished the remaining four hours of her shift. Then I went to the hospital and was discharged shortly after.

Ms. Russell has since left her job at Chipotle.

She said she did not feel supported by the chain after she worked the rest of her shift that night and did not get the next day off.

Chipotle did not immediately respond for comment late Wednesday night.

Ms. Russell now works at Raising Cane’s, a fast-food chain founded in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and she didn’t let this incident spoil her view of the food service industry.

“I’ve worked in the food industry for nine years, and I love it,” she said. “I just love customers.”