February 25, 2024


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Accommodation in England for Charles-Péguin students

Accommodation in England for Charles-Péguin students

At Charles-Péguy High School, the second and final year students of the European section worked with their English teacher, Mark Thirot, on two themes: “The City” and “The Royal Palaces”.

In two groups, they worked on English monuments such as the London Museum, St. James’s Place, Hampton Court… , architecture. Simplification, clarification and synthesis”, insists LuAnn, a second-year student.

Their works are currently on display. All high school students have the opportunity to consult the works in the hall of the establishment and learn the history of the monuments or Queen Elizabeth II. From theory to practice, there is only one step: the students will go to the English capital for a language stay from April 3 to 7. “I’m going in a hurry. It is a dream come true,” exults Anas. After a while, appointment for travel diary.

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