March 1, 2024


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Adorable Tales from Borderlands finally gets a 2022 sequel

Adorable Tales from Borderlands finally gets a 2022 sequel

Three figures standing under the Borderlands basement statue while looking up at the starry sky and giant moon.

Today, Gearbox announced at PAX East that it is developing a new entry in Tales from Borderlands a series. The original game developed by Telltale was a narrative-focused adventure game, similar to the walking Dead And the wolf among us. The just-announced segment will be starring new characters and coming out this year.

Towards the end of Gearbox’s PAX East show, Gearbox Entertainment Company CEO Randy Pitchford Advertise on stage That after years of waiting, fans will get Tales from Borderlands The game is later this year. Unlike the original title, this title is generated “in-house” by Gearbox.

In a tweet from the official Gearbox account on Twitter, the company clarified that this new game will feature a new set of characters. It will be published by 2K Games, the same publisher behind the main Borderlands Franchise business.

the original Tales from Borderlands It was released during 2014 and 2015 as a casual adventure game developed by Telltale Games. She told the story of Hyperion employee Rhys and brilliant artist Fiona as they (reluctantly) worked together to do, and what else, to open a vault. that it Borderlands The game, continues. Like previous Telltale games, players made choices throughout the five episodes, changing story events along the way.

was the game praised by critics and Borderlands fans For his excellent writing and characters. Me, I still love Loaderbot and hate that it didn’t exist Borderlands 3.

Many other characters that first appeared in this game later appeared in Borderlands 2 DLC and Borderlands 3. (It caused some controversy, as not all of them were voiced by the original cast.)

We don’t know much more about this new entry than what Pitchford and Gearbox joked today. Surprising to see its release later this year. After all, we just got a file Borderlands Excellent casual shooter game Wonders of Tiny Tina. and the Borderlands Movie, With a ridiculously star-studded castIt will be released later this year as well.

Seems 2022 is the year Borderlands. I know some of you like it. For the rest of you… sorry!

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